Dancing dragons in Seoul – modern architecture


Dancing dragons in Seoul is one of the latest additions to the portfolio of world best modern architecture plans. The contemporary pair of two buildings impresses with its elegant construction and its compactness as to the main functions it will exercise – to accommodate, to advertise, and to entertain.

The Dancing dragons project


We will inform with some common facts as to The Dancing dragons in Seoul project. First of all, it is a product that comes from the collaborative work between the two partners – Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture. Together, they design and realize the two skyscrapers. The pair of the two amazing buildings is situated in the fast-growing business and commercial district on the north bank of the Han River. The Dancing dragons is one of the latest projects for the innovative plan of modernization of the Yongsan International Business District in Seoul.

The conception, the construction, and the objective of the Dancing Dragons


The two skyscrapers – the Dancing dragons in Seoul – are positions side by side next to the newest buildings in the Yongsan International Business District in Seoul. The towers are similar as to their sizes and views, although, their models are identical. The highest skyscraper of the two Dancing dragons is about 450 meters in height. The two of them are with glass scales and with striking refined envelope of eco-friendly materials and original illumination settings. The design behind the building of the Dancing dragons incorporates a supporting central core and a series of wings attached to the sides.

Futuristic addition to Seoul’s skyline – the Dancing dragons


The interesting thing about the pair of the two towers from the Dancing dragons in Seoul project is hidden behind the idea of placing mullions between the overlapping glass panels of the exterior that will accommodate the natural ventilation. Meanwhile, the designers have stipulated enormous lighting settings on the edges of the constructions that will span the roof of each tower.

The two skyscrapers of the Dancing dragons in Seoul projects, besides being an extremely futuristic and awesome additions t the new Yongsan International Business District in Seoul, will also assist for the modernization and improvement of the local infrastructure The ground floor of the construction will be an enormous Mall and Shopping centre, while the other 400 floors will accommodate cozy and welcoming apartments and compact and multifunctional office premises.

Dancing Dragons – interesting facts


The Dancing Dragons in Seoul project is the biggest urban development project in South Korea up to now. Due for completion in 2024, the masterplan was commissioned by South Korean developer DreamHub. The beautiful façade of the two buildings will brings some new and exotic look to the formal and multifunctional Yongsan International Business District in Seoul. The glass surface of the two skyscrapers, meanwhile, will interact with the common sunlight in the city and with the other buildings. This will make the area absolutely different from the contemporary monotonous metropolises nowadays.

The structural scheme for Dancing Dragons consists of eight mega columns that traverse the vertical length of both cores. The mini-towers are hung off the cruciform cores in a balanced fashion by means of a belt truss system, stabilizing the structure. This new model of building construction has been already patented. However, a big number of similar architecture projects are on their way. This is a serious proof for the remarkable success behind the Dancing Dragons by the Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture.


Modern city skyline-Seoul


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