Cottage style modern house by Bodron + Fruit


A cottage usually refers to a modest and cozy dwelling, typical for a rural or semi-rural location. However there are cottage-style modern houses in cities. But what exactly is a cottage style house? It is a style of domestic architecture, usually made of wood construction, popularized in the 19th century, mainly by the pattern books of architects Andrew Jackson Downing and Alexander Jackson Davis. This style usually included characteristics such as an asymmetric plan, walls of board-and-batten construction, decorative chimneys, steeply roofs, and bay windows.

Cottage style modern house design


Cottage style is characterized by painted or decorated furniture with graceful lines which have a colorful, comfortable look with a romantic, soft appeal. It is an eclectic mixture of antique, vintage and new that usually features weathered finishes and textural elements such as baskets, beadboard walls and colors taken straight from a flower garden. The country-style botanical palette includes light apricot, dusty pink and green. Here is a stylish example of cottage style modern house by Dallas, Texas-based architecture company Bodron+Fruit. It was founded in 1998 by Interior Designer Mil Bodron and Architect Svend Christian Fruit as a collaboration which provides complete design services including architecture, interior design, and furniture design. They make really cool projects with consistent vision both new construction and renovations.

Cottage style modern house with contemporary art interior


This cottage style modern house by Bodron + Fruit features natural and homey atmosphere. It is a countryside custom home with modern decor style featuring sliding glass walls and windows in unexpected places such as the fireplace and the kitchen backsplash, thus evoking the outdoors. Minimalist interiors are chic and elegant, yet in a typical cottage style. There are ultra-modern elements of art, an assortment of wood types and custom pieces that focus the attention on places such as the falling-drop shaped pendants in the kitchen, and floating walls dividing the contemporary open concept interiors.


Living room design


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Bathroom interior design


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