Urban architecture by Suyama Peterson Deguchi

urban architecture design

This creative Urban architecture design by Suyama Peterson Deguchi was actually created for a retiring couple, who wants to live a quiet peaceful life. They wanted to create a simple, modern home without too much ado. The couple had lived on this property for over 26 years, and for a change, they wanted more privacy and a little less of that typical neighborhood lifestyle. The house’s concept was developed from a forest picnic cabin, which has led to the following minimalist solutions in terms of architectural and interior changes.

Stylish, outdoor furnishing complements the urban architecture design

gorgeous cabin outdoor solution

 In this urban architecture design, the privacy is of utmost importance. That’s why the residents are completely protected from the public, by a wall on the east side, which overlooks the park. Although it has a modern, urban look, the house is now more connected to the backyard landscape than ever. The floor-to-ceiling windows and the expansive patio with lovely outdoor furniture create a lovely natural blend-in solution between the natural environment and the house.

The house provides privacy and a unique connection with nature through its modern urban architecture design

urban architecture modern house design

 This urban architecture cabin may have the concept of a forest shelter, but it definitely meets the standards for an urban all-year-round residence. With its gorgeous views, quiet suburb location, beautiful exterior arrangement and lovely indoor solutions, the house is definitely the best home for a retiring couple, who wants to lead a more peaceful living. The home is fully equipped with everything necessary for full-time living and includes beautiful contemporary furnishing for comfort and relaxation.

Stylish, modern furnishing design – natural wooden tones

incredible modern outdoor furnishing

Beautiful, natural surrounding complements the urban cabin 

lovely exterior urban cabin

Expansive patio and floor-to-ceiling windows contribute to the natural blend-in concept

lovely patio urban cabin design

Modern indoor minimalist furnishing 

beautiful contemporary cabin furnishing

Cozy, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom

contemporary interior bedroom

The bedroom includes floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook towards the private yard

modern bedroom design urban cabin

Modern cabinetry provides more storage

stylish modern creative furnishing

beautiful urban design solution

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