Modern house renovation of a heritage home by Rolf Ockert Design

modern architecture house extension sydney

This gorgeous modern house renovation includes an expansive extension that was designed for a private home in Sydney, Australia. The house is actually a heritage home that need some thorough renovation and an established modern living space for the young growing family with children. The already existing structure was only 100 sq.m. which was very insufficient by far. The only for the family to settle down in this inherited home was by building a two-storey extensive structure and connect it with the already existing architecture. This architectural approach wasn’t very common for this area.

Original modern house renovation

modern house renovation sydney

This lovely modern house renovation of a heritage home in Sydney is designed by Rolf Ockert Design. The architects wanted to create a lovely, modern concept architecture that won’t only look spectacular but also provide functionality and space for the family and allow the house to suit as a full-time residence. And although the two structures are completely different from each other not only in terms of interior but also in terms of exterior the overall effect is rather charming than grotesque. The old house has a lovely old brick façade and consists of a single level and the new structure is totally different – it has a minimalist, geometrical, modern look and is very original in terms of interior and exterior design solutions.

Modern house renovation – striking contrast between the old and the new structure

modern house remodel

The modern house renovation of the two-storey additional structure includes many colorful features to create inviting ambiance for the young family and provide only the utmost comfort. The living room is decorated with paintings and many colorful features in continuation to the gradually modernized interior space. Although they are strikingly different the two structures create a spectacular harmonic combination and a creative blend-in solution between the old the new – this is totally original and unique and is definitely complimented by the colorful features and usage of high-quality materials in the interior design.

Gorgeous heritage home facade 

house remodeling stylish modern home sydney

Creative extension structure design

futuristic structure design house sydney

Beautiful private home in Sydney

beautiful modern stylish house renovation

Lovely blend-in solution between the indoors and outdoors

beautiful exterior rolf ockert design

Gorgeous outdoor furnishing

gorgeous exterior modern house renovation

Creative facade with colorful accents

Rolf Ockert Design modern house renovation

Stylish, colorful interior

Rolf Ockert Design gorgeous stylish interior

Rolf Ockert Design expansive interior

Rolf Ockert Design eclectic colorful accents stylish bedroom

Rolf Ockert Design eclectic beautiful design solution

Rolf Ockert Design colorful accents

Rolf Ockert Design plan architecture

Rolf Ockert Design plan

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