Modern House Design – YAK10 by AAd

modern house design unique exterior

This modern house design is referred to as YAK10 and was design by AAd. The residence is lockated in Bangkok, Thailand and with its gorgeous stylish, minimalist exterior it is a lovely home of a modern small family.  This stylish minimalist residence in Bangkok is outspread on a 560 sq.m. and a private land of 500 sq.m.  Although the space is a bit compact for the modern home and there is a limit on the usable space, the owners wanted the house to include everything necessary – a lot of greenery, rain protectors, and large sun-shades. Although the job was a bit difficult and the planning of the structure included a lot of crucial decision making, the designers managed to use the ultimate space and form an exceptional balance between modernity and functionality.

Amazing modern house design in Bangkok

modern residential structure house design

This modern house design has a unique L-shape which brings maximum interaction between the indoor and outdoor areas, and is completely integrated with the plot land and the surrounding area. The YAK10 is able to absorb the sunlight and allows the interior space to be naturally sun-soaked through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior of the house is expansive and complements the gorgeous natural surrounding with the expansive earthy-tone style and luxurious furnishing.

Innovative modern house architecture 

stylish minimalist modern house design

The modern house design interacts with the exterior surrounding in a very conceptual way. Half of the exterior area is open space with a garden that connects with the living area of the house. The buffer zones of the house are the bathroom and the staircases – they separate the living area from the private spaces and thus create a natural-flow of distinguishing the two.

Expansive interior with floor-to-ceiling windows

expansive minimalist interior design

Minimalist bedroom design with earthy-tone design and lovely contemporary furniture

lovely minimalist bedroom design

Interior glass walls

stylish glass panel walls

Modern staircase separates the living are from the private space

beautiful stylish interior design

Stylish modern home design idea 

stylish indoor outdoor solutions

Creative Bangkok architecture of a small family residence

lovely outdoor solution night view

Night view of the modern home 

incredible stylish modern structure residence

Creative natural blend-in idea between the outdoors and indoors

nature blend in solution

The residence is naturally sun-soaked

gorgeous stylish modern house design

gorgeous expansive interior

gorgeous modern bathroom

expansive floor to ceiling windows

amazing white minimalist design modern staircase

white earth tone interior design

stylish interior design

YAK10 architecture design

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