Modern home design – A+A house by DVA Arhitekta

incredible stylish modern home design

This lovely, modern home design renovation is created by DVA Arhitekta. The house is located in Zagreb, Croatia and is the perfect example of a European, modern, residential architecture. The concept is ideal for the Croatian climate and this particular site. The residence looks minimal on the inside and has a minimalist interior, but it can definitely be defined with the motto “less is more”. Here, you can see that this home is not only modern; it is warm, inviting, beautiful and simple in terms of design. The house is expansive, chic, and stylish and with its beautiful minimal look it is very suitable for the urban area.

White, urban modern house design 

gorgeous stylish modern architecture

 Actually, this modern home design architecture is located in the city area and is created especially for a young couple, who wanted to have a residence in their hometown. Although it is modern in every way, the house still keeps its old structural line. The architects have kept a strong reminiscent of the previous house. Before this renovation was done, the house included a semi-detached structure, a half of it, had to be redone. This house not only captures the eye, but also gives a feeling of homeliness and warmth in a very special way. Simply gorgeous!

Exceptional renovated modern house design

incredible stylish aa house

 In unison with the neighboring buildings, the modern home design includes the same roofing as the other surrounding buildings. The roof dormer makes the house look more expansive and gives more space on the exterior. The A+A house by Dva Arhitekta has a modern white exterior, gorgeous interior with neutral earth-tone features and a large staircase.

Gorgeous, modern residence renovated for a young couple

modern aa house design

White, minimalist structure

modern structure beautiful house

European roofing style

modern home design aa house

Large staircase design

minimalist expansive interior design

Lovely, white minimalist structure

gorgeous white minimalist structure

Modern kitchen design solution combined with dining area

aa house design minimalist interior

Modern structure renovation

modern home design architecture

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