Modern Beach House by COA and Fuchs, Wacker Architekten

modern beach house idea

This incredible modern beach house is designed in 2011 by COA and Fuchs, Wacker Architekten. The two companies joined forces to create this amazing modern masterpiece residence for a family in Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Although the architecture of the house is incredibly modern, luxurious and expansive, the house’s special feature is more outdoor oriented. The courtyard is especially designed to be protected from the sometimes-harsh, windy weather. But even at such times the residence can enjoy the nice day out in the garden and by the pool.

Gorgeous, minimalist architecture of modern beach house in Cape Town

big bay gorgeous architecture

The architecture of this modern beach house referred to also as the Big Bay Beach house is especially designed with minimalist, clean lining. Actually, minimalism is everywhere. This house is the perfect example of the motto “less is more” both in terms of structure and interior design and furnishing. The expansive interior is complemented by incredible earthy-tone finishes. The luxurious, minimalist furnishing, allows the interior to “breath” without leaving any redundancy, whatsoever.

Stylish, wooden exterior finishing elements

big bay outdoor area

This modern beach house is not simply luxurious and stylish. It is designed to be functional, warm and welcoming. It is created to be a full-time residence and provide only the utmost comfort, not only in terms of interior design and outdoor entertainment but also in terms of indoor layout. The house allows to be naturally sun-soaked all-year-round because of its carefully picked out location and structure based on plot land. The expansive-windows and the natural interior elements only contribute more for that indoor solution.

Luxurious residence with minimalist architecture 

exterior look gorgeous house plan

Amazing, picturesque view 

big bay gorgeous stylish architecture

Protected exterior area – garden and pool

big bay pool area house

Exceptional, expansive, beautiful cape town residence

big bay modern beach house

Luxury interior 

big bay gorgeous interior

Modern, minimalist staircase design 

big bay interior staircase design

Exceptional bedroom design with floor-to-ceiling windows and breathtaking views

big bay gorgeous house design bedroom

White, stylish, elegant bathroom design 

incredible bathroom design modern stylish

interior design big bay idea

big bay house plan

beach house architecture plant

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