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Is there a design in the world that we want to see more and more? Is there a modern architecture that we want to cherish forever? Yes, thanks to Matteo Thun there is. His works are in perfect balance with nature and have a very special implementation on our own subconscious. This is what great design really is. Matteo Thun’s works have finally defeated impermanence, because they are meant to be stay here forever. It is very rare for people, who enjoy constant changes, to want to have an interior design untouched throughout the years.

Modern architecture by Matteo Thun – innovative and elegant


That’s why Matteo Thun’s modern architecture and design solutions and unique ideas are so unique and adored by many. They are a true inspiration to the next generation of architects and designers. It is a whole new expression of style and an entirely different approach to the forms and conventionality not only in the interior but also in the exterior.

Matteo Thun combines creativity and great design


Matteo Thun was born in Bolzano, Italy, in 1952. He received his degree in architecture in 1975. Ever since then he has created fabulous works not only in Italy but also around the world. He has become one of the most world-wide renowned designers and architects of our time and has gained a respectable place among the most acknowledged and adored architects of our time. His works have received many National and International awards.

Unique contemporary interior designs


One of the best things about Matteo Thun’s designs is that each and every one of them has something unique. Some of them are more classic, others more futuristic and eco-related. He has many beautiful contemporary interior designs that are simply breathtaking. He has created the design for many restaurants, coffees, halls, hotels, villas shops and much more. Not many know that Matteo Thun actually designed the KFC Fast food restaurant interior which is replicated all over the world today.

Tortona 37 – modern multi-functional complex


Tortona complex- interior


Giardino lounge design


Hotel Hilton interior by Matteo Thun


Hugo Boss Office Design


Colorful sofa design-Mattheo Thun


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