Cross Towers by BIG – another alternative for the overcrowded Seoul


Cross Towers by BIG is a spectacular and impressive project that will help to accommodate families, citizens, businessmen, and employees in Seoul into an innovative and contemporary building with a large capacity and efficient functionality. The main idea of the futuristic building is to be placed in the local Yongsan International Business District, where the urbanization and structure organization have started with a powerful speed.

Cross Towers – a superb project by BIG


BIG are the company, which provides the best architects and designers, who have succeeded in the creation of a new building conception for the Yongsan International Business District in Seoul. The Cross Towers project symbolizes the alternative for the overcoming the city restriction for too high buildings. In order to compensate the needed height of the buildings, architects suggest to build in the towers additional units (which means additional floors) vertically. The idea of the Danish company BIG has attracted the director of the Yongsan International Business District and soon other metropolises may get such amazing skyscrapers, too.

Cross Towers – stylish, perspective, and practical


Cross Towers project is stylish with its amazing architecture plan and exterior design conception. The architects and designers from BIG, who were working on the project, have decided to connect the futuristic urban building idea with the presence of nature. There are several gardens with rare spacious and green areas for outdoor activities that are situated in the Cross Towers surroundings. The two additional blocks, which are placed vertically inside the middle of the towers, are covered with grass areas and the top of the towers are also decorated with benches and rich gardens. The main surroundings of the environment near the Cross Towers area are gardens, as well.

Interesting architecture idea from Seoul


The perspective thing about the Cross Towers project is the method of the construction of the plan. Besides overcoming the height restrictions, the professionals from BIG are achieving another goal they have set. The buildings are created in a way they provide the most beautiful views – does not matter where exactly your point destination is, when you are inside. Furthermore – the solar system of the building provides coolness in hot summer days and affordable heating in freezing winter days.

Cross Towers will provide beautiful views


Cross Towers project is designed to provide more than 600 apartments and studios for the people, who work in the Yongsan International Business District. Moreover – the two buildings will be equipped with spa saloons, libraries, fitness centers, and everything else that the inhabitants will need. Both the upper and lower bridge introduce rooftop sky gardens accessible to residents, allowing for outdoor activities, while a courtyard at the heart of the development is an integral part of the overall architectural design.

Cross Towers project – the future of the contemporary architecture


Admiring the Cross Towers project by BIG, the contemporary architects and designers can use it as a perfect model for the newest and the most innovative and modern architecture plans. The buildings are made in a way they do not harm the natural environment around and it is created in an urban style, where the highest buildings are forbidden. Add to this the original conception for the illumination settings in the public and in the private zones of the towers, and you will become a witness of the most contemporary architecture nowadays.

There is no doubt about the greatness of the Cross Towers project. Once its construction will be started, people from Seoul, may be grateful that soon they will have a building, where their homes, office places and amenities will be situated near to each other.


Modern skycrapers – the Cross Towers


Rooftop terrace – Seoul


Futuristic project-skycrapers


Cross Towers – lighting on the rooftop


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