Architect Alvaro LEITE Siza and the work of his life


Alvaro Siza Vieira is a famous Portuguese architect born in 1933. He is consider one of the leading architects in his country known for his clean modern and yet expressive style. In his designs Siza aspires to achieve a contemporary look with a maximum functionality as well as a connection between the building and the environment.

Alvaro Siza Vieira and The Fez House


Over the years Alvaro Siza Vieira has worked on numerous projects of different type including houses, office buildings, sport centers and churches. But there is one project among all others which the architect truly admires and claims to be the work of his life. That is the Fez House – an ultra-modern sculpture-like building in Porto, Portugal designed as the architect’s own home and atelier. The incredible master piece takes a total of 12 years to plan, design and build, all processes in which architect Siza puts most of his time and effort in order to create the perfect place for himself. The result of all the hard work pays off when in 2010 the house is finally completed and stands in all its modern glory.

Alvaro Siza Vieira architecture


The Fez House has two floor levels designed differently in order to contrast with each other. The lower level made from regular cubic volumes looks more calm while the upper level brings all the thrill with a way more abstract and free shape. Its interesting sculptural form follows the functionality of the internal space and has a strong impact on both the building’s exterior and interior. The white and light gray colors on the façade give a more clean and airy feeling to the house and easily connects it to the landscape. The interior spaces are as clean and contemporary in their look and feel as the rest of Siza’s masterpiece. With such an elegant and artistic design the Fez house is bound to make an impression and is worthy of being the greatest work of a great architect.







By K.H.Hristov

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