Residential architecture – Wespi de Meuron Architekten

Residential architecture Wespi de Meuron architekten

 This gorgeous residential architecture was created by the Swiss company Wespi de Meuron Architekten and is located on Sant’Abbondio, Switzerland. Because this new concrete house was constructed on the downhill of the slope, it required special measurements and innovative architectural techniques. In order to create that special blending-in effect with the natural landscape, the designers decided to make the façade the same color as the rocks in the area. The house is close to a road and offers incredible picturesque views towards Lake Maggiore.

 Modern Swiss Residential Architecture with gorgeous views

Residential architecture gorgeous innovative exterior
This Swiss residential architecture was created for two people and their guests. Although it looks fairly compact, it is actually very expansive and cozy on the inside. The main idea of this house is to create a natural environment for the residents and give them the chance to be a part of nature at all times, not only from the glimpses of the Lake views, but also views towards the mountains and forests which can be seen from the side windows.

New Concrete residential architecture

new concrete house residence expansive interior
Surrounded by the incredible natural landscape this residential architecture is ideal for a vacation all-year-round. It is also perfect for living if you want to be outside of the urban stressed-up world. Although it looks more suitable as a vacation home, it can be great as a long term accommodation due to the fact that it is fully equipped in every aspect. The rooms are beautifully furnished with modern design furniture and the kitchen area is fully equipped with everything one could need. Living in this natural environment might be the most righteous decision, especially if when it comes to breathtaking natural Swiss landscape.

Amazing, breathtaking views towards the lake 

gorgeous picturesque view concrete house

Modern rooftop of the new concrete house

residential architecture modern design solutions

Incredibly stylish natural-tone interior

new concrete house amzzing interior design picturesque view

High-quality wooden interior and furnishing

stylish modern interior design furnishing

Expansive indoor area that blends in with the outdoors

wooden natural interior design solution

Gorgeous clean-design wooden furnishing 

new concrete house amazing modern interior

Modern expansive terrace 

inside new concrete house amazing expansive interior

new concrete house staircase

gorgeous private residence interior design unique concrete

gorgeous interior design concrete house

concrete interior design idea

concrete architectural residence sketch

new concrete house drawing

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