Residential architecture – Tighthouse by Fabrica 718

tighthouse architecture creative design solution

This beautiful residential architecture known as Tighthouse is designed by Fabrica 718 and is located in New York City, USA. The house is acknowledged for its space-expanding modern solutions and unique simplicity in terms of design. This private home gives us the feeling of vast-expansiveness not only through the interior design and decoration but also through its architectural solutions. As you can see its vertical expansive shape allows the interior to have an extraordinary height, making the area look even more expansive.

Modern Passive House solutions of Tighthouse residential architecture

innovative stylish modern architecture design

An interesting fact about this residential architecture by Fabrica 718 is that it is actually the first Passive House project with a certificate in New York City, and as such it really holds up to its name. The house is very energy efficient, due to some modern solutions created especially for this particular project. This home actually consumes 90% less energy for heating only and 75% less energy in total than a normal home. This is all thanks to the thermal bridge technology, solar panels. The lighting is either fluorescent or LED, which also reduces the usage of energy. The house is naturally sun-soaked through the middle.

Beautiful, modern facade  – Tighthouse

modern residential architecture tighthouse

This gorgeous residential architecture is a four-level building with all the modern innovative solutions in terms of energy saving technology and interior design. It is perfect for the urban area. The four levels are inter-connected by a metal staircase surrounded by glass panels, which runs through the middle of the house. There is an expansive terrace, with lovely bright outdoor furnishing idea, where you can sunbathe and enjoy the lovely view towards New York City.

Expansive interior – vertical solution

innovative design interior

Clean-design interior space, vast expansive office area

clean contemporary interior expansive office area

Energy efficient home with LED lighting solution

modern tighthouse architecture

Metal staircase with glass panels

creative staircase solution modern architecture

Modern bathroom design

exceptional modern bathoom design

The house is naturally sun-soaked

Tighthouse clean interior design solution

Expansive terrace with a great view towards the city

beautiful outdoors modern architecture

innovative architectural solution sketch

beautiful tighthouse design idea

beautiful bathroom design solution

modern bedroom design solution

innovative modern facade architectural design

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