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Designed by the Croatian firm 3LHD, the U House is the perfect example of modern residential architecture. The residence was completed as a project in 2012, and it has an area of 5,038 square feet. Actually, an interesting fact is that the house is located in Dubrovnik,Croatia on a fairly steep slope an apparently it was the last piece of land in that area. The lucky owners wanted an architecture that will relate to the steepness of the plot and will naturally integrate the home with the environment.3LHD have shown us a remarkable work of art.

Beautiful Croatian residential architecture

beautiful modern architecture 

This contemporary residential architecture includes different living areas that are well-separated from each other, providing the residents complete privacy. The house has three different units, because the house was especially built for a couple and their children. The parents have a two-level portion of the home, whereas the children have completely separate apartments within the building. This is especially designed this way, so that the grown up children can bring their families in the U-house as well.

Lovely poolside area of U House in Croatia

stylish modern architecture gorgeous beautiful

This residential architecture which consists of different smaller independent houses is connected in a very unique way. Actually something connects them all – the pool area, garden, and incredible terrace. Because it is located on a very steep slope, the house offers fantastic, breathtaking views towards the city. This house is perfect even as an all-year-round residence. All of the different interior spaces are well distinguished providing only the utmost comfort for the residents. This house is the perfect solution for families with a various of different age range.

Beautiful breathtaking views 

beautiful modern architecture design

The pool blends in with the natural landscape view

modern incredible design architectural solution

Modern, outdoor design solution

gorgeous pool design idea

Expansive terrace that offers only spectacular views towards the sea

stylish modern design idea

Gorgeous U house residence facade 

incredible modern interior design solution

Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows 

innovative modern house design idea

This lovely house is a chic elegant contrast with the rocky slope over Dubrovnik

modern u house architecture

stylish modern architecture

inside beautiful residential architecture u house

beautiful modern architectural design

modern private house residential architecture

modern house residential architecture

lovely house modern architecture

u house residence architecture

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