Residential architecture – private Daniel’s Lane residence

amazing residential architecture chic stylish design

This residential architecture is created by Blaze Makoid Architecture for a family with four members – a father and his three children. The residence is located in New York, which explains that modern uptown look. Because it is located on the shore side, the residence has a spectacular view towards the ocean. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow the residents to fully capture the incredible picturesque sight. In addition, the luxurious pool and huge, front terrace further contribute  to the feeling of tremendous pleasure.

Residential architecture – unique modern structure

architectural wonder modern beautiful exquisite

It is an interesting fact that this residential architecture is one of the first projects in Sagaponack, for which it was demanded to be constructed on 17 meters above sea level with maximum heath of 40’’. All of the residences on that part of Long Island had to be constructed on the inner part of the land, and the same rules applied for this private residence. However the designers and architects derived the maximum of the situated and created the most perfect structural solution in correspondence with the land specifics and law requirements. They designed this incredible structure a little bit as a tribute to previous residences from 1979 – Tarlo house and the 1970 Perlibnder house, but they made it unique ints own way, with its exemplary clean design and modern chic style. When you looik at the architecture you cannot find anything redundant or unnatural about it.

Exceptional private residence Sagaponack, Long Island, New York

expansive terrace modern skyline design

The residential architecture by Blaze Makoid Architecture is notable with its amazing correspondence to the natural surrounding and site properties. This is why it is so unique and inspirational, and in a way very simple and intuitive for the eye. When you see it, you suddenly picture something similar in your mind for your own ideal home solution.

Elegant and unique architecture designed especially for the father and three children

private residence creative exterior solutions

Amazing glass flooring on the first and second floor

modern architectural design inside private residence

Incredible clean design luxurious furnishing

modern residence exquisite interior design

Creative architectural vision

modern architecture design private residence

Exemplary usage of materials – wood and glass

modern private home interior design

Warm and cozy on the inside, inviting and stylish on the outside

modern architecture design private residence real home

Unbelievable expansive bathroom with luxurious furnishing

stylish luxurious exqusite modern shower solution

Lovely entertaining areas – indoors and outdoors 

Blaze Makoid Architecture residence design

luxurious bathroom design inside private residence

exceptional bathroom interior creative modern solutions

chic innovative glass staircase solution

french window master bedroom inside private residence

luxurious residential design solution

beautiful residential architecture chic modern

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