The ‘eco-PERCH’ is a Fabulous Modern Log Cabin Design


As the name suggests the innovative ‘eco perch’ presents a neat curvilinear design that potentially encapsulates so much fun for vacationers.  The ‘eco perch’ is a new concept in holiday accommodation, it is in fact a modern log cabin design.  Despite the appearance of the modest exterior, the interior of the ‘eco perch’ cabin is remarkably stylish and a considerable ‘step up’ from a caravan or conventional holiday chalet.  Within this modern log cabin design, an open plan interior maximizes every inch of available space. The flexibility of positioning of the ‘eco perch’ is an added attraction.  Set in a hillside the modern log cabin design will offer fabulous views over the surrounding countryside. This extraordinary unit can even be installed in a tree, like a grown up version of a tree house. The curved shape of the ‘eco perch’ is easy on the eye and ‘quirky’, it is totally welcoming for the eager holidaymaker.  In fact this minimal timber pod could represent the most innovative prefabricated version of a modern log cabin design available today.

Modern log cabin design – fabulous views


Surprisingly this diminutive timber and slate pod is spacious enough to accommodate four people comfortably. The interior of this modern log cabin design is streamlined and super stylish incorporating all ‘mod cons’ for the convenience of the occupants.  The traditional element of wood paneling creates a warm welcoming environment regardless of the changing season.  Cool in summer but with a cozy log burner to generate heat in autumn and winter, this inventive design has been developed to meet the specifications of the eco-tourist industry all year round.  This fabulous modern log cabin design provides very attractive and sustainable vacation accommodation for an equally attractive price.

Modern Log Cabin Design Interior


Using a clever prefabricated system each ‘eco perch’ unit can be delivered on site, and completely assembled and installed in just a few of days.  The reduction of labor time naturally keeps expenses down for the site owner.  So next time you need a break look out for the ‘eco perch’ a modern log cabin design which is environmentally friendly and also conceals a surprisingly comfortable interior.

by Jaz


Innovative prefabricated log cabin


Open plan interior

eco-perch-open-plan-interior open-plan-interior-modern-log-cabin-design eco-perch-plans


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