Modern house architecture – Cloud Bay Shack

modern house architecture cloud bay shack

This amazing modern house is located in Marlborough, New Zealand, and is designed by the successfully formed team of Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects and Paul Rolfe Architects. The two companies joined forces to create this masterpiece. It is designed as a guest house as an accommodation for visitors, who pass by the city. The house is built on the grounds of another that was burned down in 2009. This guest residence is called Cloudy Bay Shack ( a name that perfectly suits it). Besides its gorgeous, stylish and yet very unusual design it offers incredible natural surroundings and breathtaking views towards the landscape.

Stylish modern house structure in New Zealand

amazing stunning architectural design newzeland

This modern house received its unusual shape from the architects who were inspired of the location. The house is situated close by a vineyard. And again, although it has a very unusual shape, the architecture completely corresponds to the natural environment of the region. The edgy stylish structural design is also very well interconnected with the interior of the interior.

Beautiful modern house interior design 

incredible cloud bay shack

The innovative solutions of the interior of this modern house include timber wood panels, and incredible minimalist furnishing. Every interior area is well-distinguished and gives the residents too feel comfortable and welcome at all times. With its incredible interior solutions, the different areas of the house offer privacy in its most natural form. The dining space is separated from the living area in a very traditional way. The living spaces offer picturesque views towards the garden through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Simply fantastic!

Lovely exterior design solution 

gorgeous cloud bay shack

The beautiful natural surrounding of the Richmond Ranges 

lovely stylish modern design architecture

Incredible outdoor furnishing and lovely patio 

innovative modern interior design

Stylish minimalist interior gives the feeling of expansiveness 

incredible stylish modern house design architecture

The nice timber panels on the walls create a nice warm atmosphere separating the dining area from the living space

innovative modern house design

Gorgeous, stylish interior design of the living area 

incredible interior cloud bay shack

Unusual but beautiful structure 

gorgeous house architecture

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