Modern Design Stone House by Australian architect

‘Under the Moonlight House’ by Giovanni Dambrosia is a Dream Home


Probably one of the most stunning examples of contemporary architecture you are likely to see.  Sited in Mount Hotham, Australia, ‘Under the Moonlight House’ is a truly outstanding building that integrates the old with the new in the most exciting way.  The architecture firm of ‘Giovanni Dambrosia’ built this modern design stone house.  It is a home designed for all seasons and maximizes connections with outside spaces through massive glazed walls and roofing panels.  This has been achieved as an elaborate metal framework has been integrated with the substantial traditional stone walls.  Both interior and exterior of the modern design stone house feature this wonderful fusion of traditional and contemporary materials which adds a vital and dynamic atmosphere to the project.

Modern Design Stone House with contemporary architecture


From the outside, the profile of the modern design stone house is intriguingly asymmetric to the point where, from certain angles, it seems akin to deconstructivism in appearance.  Glass and metal volumes appear to balance almost precariously on the dense stone structures.  Arbitrary angles alternate to create both a wonderful sense of randomness and an unlikely but definite stability.  Of course this randomness is just an illusion and once inside the modern design stone house its clear to see the motive behind the design.  The interior is stylish, spacious and extremely luxurious.  The huge expanses of glass seem to bring the outside landscape right inside this modern design stone house.  This becomes the primary focal point in all the main living spaces.

Modern Design Stone House Exterior


The interior design of the modern design stone house fuses the fabulous panoramic views within the complex grid of the black metal network.  In total contrast, reassuringly solid walls are left untreated to display the wonderful aesthetic qualities of the traditional solid stone.  In this way the intrinsic materials actually become the decorative scheme in the modern design stone house.

Asymmetric architecture of a modern stone house


The furnishings in the modern design stone house are simple but super stylish.  Sumptuous low level seating and sleeping units are used to create soft comfortable platforms providing the ultimate in relaxation. Fresh neutral tones are the predominant colors for these elegant furnishings but these are enlivened by brighter cushions and throws whose colors and patterns enrich  and personalize this welcoming house. To say that this is a extremely distinctive and desirable home for the lucky family who own it, is an understatement.

by Jaz

Traditional solid stone wall – focal point in the interior design


Solid stone walls


Stylish, spacious and extremely luxurious interior


Amazing panoramic views



Black metal network




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