Modern architecture – House Between Two Yards by Pitsou Kedem

beautiful house design solution

This stylish, sophisticated, modern architecture is designed by Pitsou Kedem an architect from Israel. The home is located between two separate yards, which is where it get its name ‘House between two yards”. The dining room and kitchen are located precisely between those two outdoor areas, allowing a natural blending solution between the vast-expansive open-space interior and the outdoors. Because the house is located east-west, it is naturally sun-soaked all through the day. Because of that natural lighting the house features exceptional greenery.

Beautiful modern architecture – a three-storey house with two volumes

gorgeous beautiful modern house solution

The modern architecture has a six-meter-high living space, complemented by lots of glass panels and sliding glass doors that slide open towards a lovely terrace, where one can admire the picturesque views. The comfort, beauty and places for relaxation in the house don’t end here. The residence also features a gorgeous pool, which delicately creates the illusion of being connected both to the house and the horizon.

Stylish modern architecture with creative interior solutions 

creative stylish modern house solution

This three-storey modern architecture includes a vast-expansive outdoor area, beautifully furnished with outdoor furniture and gorgeously arranged garden, a pool. The basement and the terrace lead to the beautifully arranged green outdoor area. The house itself is divided into two volumes, the adult bedrooms are located close to the kitchen area, as the children’s living space is located down the stairs and features a lovely small balcony. The entire house is beautifully furnished with modern high-quality furnishing solutions. The clean-white walls, lots of glass usage make the interior look even more luxurious and sophisticated.

Incredible outdoor greenery

beautiful modern design idea

Stylish indoor furnishing – white, minimalist interior design 

creative modern house design idea

Beautiful, modern interior design idea

beautiful stylish modern home design

Beautifully arranged greenry is wrapped around the modern structure

stylish modern architecture gorgeous exterior

Lovely pool area creates the illusion of being connected with the house 

incredible picturesque view modern architecture

Beautiful night view of the modern architecture 

stylish modern design solution

Stylish, modern structure of a private residence

stylish new modern house design

modern architecture two yards

stylish beautiful modern house design

stylish beautiful modern home design

modern architecture clean design idea

incredible stylish modern house solution

incredible modern stylish home solution

incredible beautiful modern house solution

gorgeous stylish modern house design idea

gorgeous house plan solution

incredible beautiful modern home design

beautiful modern house design idea

house design architecture modern plan

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