Minimalist architecture – White Cave House

amazing stylish beautiful house design
You’re probably wondering why this minimalist architecture has such odd look. Well it is located in Kanazawa and is designed by the talented Japanese architect Takuro Yamamoto from Takuro Yamamoto Architects. The owner of the residence asked for a simple but stylish design and this is the result. The house is minimalist in every way, but it is simply fantastic to look at and extremely comfortable and intuitive in terms of structure and furnishing.

Clean-design minimalist architecture – Cave concept

gorgeous stylish architecture

This minimalist architecture is the perfect example of modern Japanese design, due to the fact that it has a couple of outdoor spaces, which can be accessed through holes from the structure. The house includes an expansive terrace a parking lot and a ground floor, which all bring out that cave concept of the home, which makes it very unique and noticeable. The house includes open plan living space and kitchen area, a lovely pool and a gorgeous courtyard can be accessed through the different holes. The house itself has a big entrance, which allows private areas of the house to e nestled deeper into the house and give the feeling of warmth, comfort and protection during the winter.

Expansive minimalist interior

white clean minimalist interior

“Cave” is the theme concept of this minimalist architecture. The clean and chic, stylish design and the beautiful white walls with elegant décor, where you can’t find anything redundant in terms of interior design and furnishing, make this amazing home even more desirable. The vast-expansive interior spaces, the beautiful breathtaking views and the incredible natural surrounding are what make the Cave House so unique and special. The house provides a natural blend-in solution between the indoors and outdoors. Simply gorgeous!

Stylish Japanese modern structure 

incredible stylish beautiful white house

Beautiful night skyline 

incredible design solution

Exceptional minimalist furnishing 

modern creative stylish design solution

Reflecting pool and a gorgeous courtyard 

gorgeous white minimalist design

Floor-to-ceiling windows connect the terrace and the indoor area 

beautiful design solution

Natural blend-in solution between indoor and outdoor area

incredible modern stylish white interior

Japanese gardening solution

exceptional unusual stylish minimalist design

Modern interior furnishing

gorgeous stylish modern interior design

creative modern stylish design

white minimalist interior design

beautiful white cave minimalist architecture

beautiful modern white minimalist architecture

beautiful modern stylish design solution

beautiful modern stylish design

beautiful modern stylish architecture

beautiful modern stylish design

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