Luxury house designed by Drozdov and Partners

luxurious house garden incredible outdoor scenery

This Luxury house is designed by the talented architects of Drozdov and Partners. You can see that the architecture itself is quite distinctive and memorable; this is partly because of the gorgeous artistic construction and its façade, but most of all it is because of that unique water patio which creates a lovely blending with the natural outdoors. We can definitely say that this home is specially designed to flow into nature. The curves and the exterior solutions only prove that theory.

Incredible luxury house design flows into nature

natural picturesque setting luxury home

The swimming pool is another thoughtful feature for this luxury house, not because other luxurious homes don’t have one, because all of them do, but because of the fact that it also compliments the natural environment by being the connection between the terrace and the ground level of the house.

Beautiful modern architectural design of a luxury house

amazing creative modern house design

But what is so different about this luxury house? It has a pool, a gorgeous expansive terrace and what else is so special? One of the most unique facts about this home architecture is that the master bedroom and bathroom are located on the first ground floor and overlook spectacular marine view towards the sea, which simply cannot be described with words. This amazing solution makes this home like no other. Every aspect of this fabulous house is well thought of the architects from Drozdov and Partners have taken the details into great consideration.

A swimming pool is the connection between the ground level and the terrace

incredible modern interior exterior setting

The expansive terrace overlooks a spectacular view

water patio home incredible nature

The master bedroom and the bathroom are actually on the ground floor

outside luxurious incredible home water patio house

Amazing, breathtaking view towards the sea

amazing interior design idea

Exceptional interior design – as exquisite and luxurious as the house architecture

chic stylish modern home interior

The natural indoor and outdoor floor contributes to the interior warmth

creative modern innovative solution

Stylish, beautiful, modern and luxurious in every aspect

amazing interior design idea modern home

fabulous expansive master bedroom solution

chic stylish bathroom design solution

amazing stylish modern home exterior

outside amazing luxury home drozdov

amazing poolside view luxury home

exceptional gorgeous interior design solution

exceptional luxury design house

amazing picturesque view luxurious home

gorgeous home library design idea

bedroom design interior luxury house

beautiful innovative modern home interior design

stylish expansive bathroom design solution

beautiful home design solution

neutral tones interior bright accents

incredible stylish elegant interior modern home

incredible interior luxury house

beautiful stylish modern home design

luxury house drozdov sketch

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