Italian architecture – DC house by Geza

beautiful modern architecture exceptional

This lovely Italian architecture is designed by Geza and is called DC House. It is a two-story home with a very interesting structure. Although it is very modern, you can definitely sense the Italian traditional architectural approach through its overall design. The usage of high-quality materials for the exterior and interior is a “must” when it comes to Italian design and construction. Here we can see large concrete panels, granite elements, wooden accessories, gorgeous ceiling, and high-quality aluminum for the frames.

Gorgeous Italian architecture with wonderful, picturesque views towards natural landscape

beautiful italian architecture modern house

Completed in 2008, this Italian architecture is a private residence that consists of different volumes elements, lovely patios, and also features a private garden and a pool. Through the basement the three different areas of the home are linked together. The entire house has an area of 3,122 sq.feet, and a lot of the different areas in the house are either multifunctional or can suit purposefully throughout the whole year – like the pool and the garden for instance. The entire house is surrounded by amazing environment that compliments the modern structure and makes even more exceptional and desirable.

A beautiful example of Italian architecture with a private garden

stylish beautiful house design solution

DC house is not simply an example of Italian architecture. With its exquisite stylish design – both indoors and outdoors, this house is the synonym of a modern home. The house is designed in a very special way to both capture the light and allow the interior to be naturally sun-soaked and also reflect the exterior through the large windows and reflective glossy panels. This makes the structure even more unique and noticeable. Geza have once again created an architectural master piece.

Exceptional outdoor furniture setting 

modern beautiful house design idea

Stylish granite facade

beautiful dc house facade

Clean exterior design

modern dc house italian design

A lovely construction of different volumes

italian architecture dc house

Stylish, modern residential architecture 

gorgeous stylish modern architecture exceptional design

The interior blends in naturally with the exterior

gorgeous stylish italian house

A new perspective on modern architecture

gorgeous italian house design solution

exceptional modern innovative house design idea

exceptional modern dc house

dc house italian architecture

exceptional italian architecture modern design

dc house side view

innovative modern house design plan

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