House design architecture created by Cadaval and Sola-Morales

helicopter view modern luxurious house architecture hillslope

As you can see this house design architecture is located on a hillside slope but not just anywhere. It is actually situated just outside of Barcelona. You can imagine a breathtaking hallmark card view the residents get from these incredible floor-to-ceiling windows by overlooking at the gorgeous natural surrounding and the sight of Barcelona in the distance. It is a well-known fact that Barcelona is one of the most romantic and artistic architectural cities in the world. This beautiful residential house is designed by the talented architects Cadaval and Sola Morales and it is called the X house. There’s no wonder why this home has such an odd name, it is because of its incredible X shape. If you look closer or from above you will also see it, because it is very distinctive.

Amazing, luxurious house design architecture

beautiful home design interior style

Although this house design architecture is situated on the hillside in outskirts of Barcelona it is located on a very intimate area as well, which allows the ultimate privacy. The residents won’t be bothered by overlooking at the neighbors and that gives them even more confidence and comfort. The house is built with the idea of a totally private residence.

Beautiful home on the hillside looking over Barcelona

amazing picturesque view floor ceiling window
One of the distinctive things about this house design architecture is that it includes tunnels and bridges. Of course, they are merely bridges like the ones we’ve seen in castles, this construction technique was actually used because of the location of the home. The residents actually have access to the house from the second upper floor, exactly because of the downhill slope. This luxurious home includes spectacular interior solutions, gorgeous expansive areas sprawling on a two-level structure, and also a parking zone.

Beautiful home on the hillside looking over Barcelona

incredible modern innovative architecture

A luxurious beautiful interior and exterior

incredible modern expansive home interior

X shaped house design

hillside innovative modern structure

Picturesque view and magnificent skyline

beautiful natural exterior design

Exceptional home architecture

hilside house innovative modern architecture

Gorgeous furnishing and interior design

modern house design interior lovely furnishing

Incredible home interior space layout

lovely interior furnishing neutral tone red carpet accent

Gorgeous artistic architecture of a luxurious home

modern creative home design architectural prototype

Innovative design solutions for every different area

neutral tone sophisticated modern interior

 modern home design stylish architecture

clean design house interior

incredible stylish architectural solution

Cadaval Solà Morales modern terrace home architecture

beautiful home design architecture

beautiful prototype incredible modern home design

beautiful modern home architecture solution

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