Holiday home interior design by Doherty Lynch

Finnon Glen facade gorgeous modern holiday home architecture

This amazing holiday home has received its gorgeous, fabulously chic interior by Doherty Lynch. The house actually has a very unique story. It is located in Haelesville Victoria, Australia. The first house that was situated on this land was destroyed by fire in the later on famous as “Black Saturday fires”.  After that the government asked a couple of different architectural firms to suggest a restoration project of a sustainable home that will be suitable for the property’s characteristics and the regulations. JCB architects were chosen by the owner of the previous house to design and build the home; they joined forces with Doherty Lynch – the company that was chosen to do the interior of the house.

Holiday home with a natural flow between the indoor and the outdroor

modern clean design holiday home architecture

The idea for this holiday home overall architecture was to remain simple and clean without any redundant curves or elements and the same goes with the interior. The structure is complimented by nice, simple metal roofing and the simple but modern looking facade. Just like the exterior the interior is designed to be intuitive and simplicity again is the main theme. Although it might look plain from first sight, the furnishing is quite comfortable and definitely very chic and elegant. It is interesting how the house’s interior and the outer landscape blend together in a very unique way, through the floor-to-ceiling windows from both sides.

Modern holiday home with extended living area

expansive living space interior exceptional furnishing

Finnon Glen, which is the name of this holiday home, is designed for four families, which means that it should have very strong guest accommodation ability and especially noise reduction due to the fact that those four families include seventeen grandchildren. You can imagine what this home can turn into during the holidays. However, the house is specially designed for such occasions; it is expansive and has a lovely natural blend with the exterior. It has a huge living space inside, which makes it very appropriate for accommodating lots of people. This home is definitely a get together place.

Gorgeous, expansive interior with elegant furnishing

expansive interior living space floor ceiling windows

Beautifully arranged living room area

neutral colors interior holiday home luxury

Lovely reading corner 

inside finnon glen holiday home interior

Expansive hallway

expansive hallway clean design interior

Chic, stylish bedroom design

Finnon Glen fantastic view towards beautiful natural surroundings

Stylish clean design interior 

gorgeous clean design nature inspired kitchen area

Stylish cabinetry in the kitchen area

Finnon Glen amazing interior design kitchen area

Finnon Glen chic stylish bathroom design

Finnon Glen holiday home bathroom design

lovely minimalist holiday home bathroom

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