Holiday home design – Elm Court by AR Design Studio

Holiday home design Elm Court AR Design Studio

This amazing holiday home design is called Elm Court and is designed by AR Design Studio. The home is located in Winchester, England. Although on the outside the house doesn’t look a bit extraordinary and unique this home is actually the perfect example of modern renovation. The house is actually redesigned from an old English house to become a holiday residence. The project included one-story extension which was attached to the old three-bedroom house. The idea of the extension was to create a more expansive living space without rearranging the already existing property.

Amazing holiday home renovation with extension 

Elm Court facade design

The new extension of this lovely holiday home includes a modern kitchen, a private home cinema, a living room, a bathroom and an expansive, modern office area. You can see from the pictures, the modern and stylish look of the extended area. The gorgeous minimalist interior design is the perfect solution for this contemporary architectural solution. AR Design Studio actually designed this renovation for a client for which, they already had done a successful project. The client was very happy with their previous work and decided to hire them again.

Creative, modern approach towards the old property

renovated house modern chic interior

Although this holiday home looks amazing, to accomplish it has been a bit of a challenge. The home had to be completely functional. The indoor and outdoor spaces had to correspond, which included linking the existing property and the new extension with a beautiful garden. The old structure and the new one had to blend in, without remaking thoroughly the old property. However, all of these challenges didn’t scare the architects a bit, and they managed to find the right approach to the house and create an amazing ambience, a lovely connection between the old and the new, and integrate this special vibe, that every modern home needs.

The extension consists of a vast-expansive living space

incredible modern interior design solution

The new extension completely corresponds with the outdoor setting

holiday home renovation modern interior design

Gorgeous modern holiday house 

gorgeous stylish clean design interior holiday home

Beautiful, stylish design solution 

elm court modern stylish holiday home

The  renovation doesn’t include a redesign of the existing structure 

elm court design interior beautiful modern

The old and the new parts of the house blend in together in a special way 

holiday home plan design

The indoor and the outdoor have a special connection

Elm Court design architecture plan

Spectacular, contemporary home design idea

elegant modern interior design solution

beautiful modern interior design style

amazing elm court interior solution

modern holiday home renovated design

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