European home design – MM house by Federico Delrosso Architects

 gorgeous european home design solution

Why do we say that this is a European home design? Well, it is simple. There are a couple of things that give away that fact. First of all this residence is designed by European architects – Federico Delrosso Architects. This home is actually called MM House and is situated in Vandorno, Biella, Italy. Another thing that gives its European style away is that it is almost completely white, although there are some colorful accents to it. This is very common for European architecture – in the modern aspect of the term.

Modern, stylish European home design

innovative modern home design idea

Although it is not a full-time residence this European home has all of the assets and necessities a real all-year-round accommodation does. The house includes a single-level space with two well-distinguished areas – an area for sleeping and a living area. The living space is complemented by the natural surrounding which literarily penetrates it through with a large entrance. This gives the residents the chance to fully enjoy the outdoor surroundings even when they are inside. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows allow the light to naturally sun-soak the entire interior area. This allows the home to be warm and cozy all-year-round.

Almost completely white, gorgeous, Italian residence

modern european home design solution

The two different areas of this European home have completely different designs, which make them even more distinct. Of course, the private sleeping area provides total intimacy and privacy, as for the living area – the interior is designed to be much livelier and appropriate for social gatherings. Nevertheless, you can see that there is a tendency in the entire home to exclude redundancy where necessary and the firms, elegant forms with beautiful clean finishes are more adequate for the overall interior.

Expansive interior that naturally blends with the exterior

modern european home design solution inside

Beautiful all day and all night long

mm house modern european home interior design

Beautifully furnished living area

house mm creative modern interior design european style

Creative lighting and decoration solutions

house mm creative modern interior design european home

Expansive living room with gorgeous furnishing

beautiful expansive interior modern home

Innovative interior design idea

gorgeous mm stylish modern interior design

Cozy white furnishing 

white expansive creative stylish interior

gorgeous stylish modern interior design idea

gorgeous mm house modern interior design

beautiful modern house interior design idea

clean bedroom interior expansive stylish

stylish bathroom interior solution

house mm stylish modern interior design solution

innovative house mm design

house mm creative modern interior design

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