Dining in Harmony with Nature-eco friendly modern restaurant design

Eco Friendly Modern Design Restaurant by Emma Architects , Netherlands


Created totally with the natural environment in mind this modern restaurant design is a joy to behold.  To the hungry traveler this remarkable facility provides much more than good food.  Tucked amongst undulating sand dunes the modern restaurant design is constructed with all natural materials that are in keeping aesthetically and practically with the immediate surroundings.

Modern restaurant design in Netherlands



Emma architects have demonstrated remarkable sensitivity in this design.  Rising up from the dunes the main structure of the modern restaurant design is wooden with a timber clad surface.  The sloping roof becomes a dramatic spiral and this doubles as a fabulous viewing platform.  The mellow timber has a nautical air like the hull an old sailing ship, this similarity is extended through the curved aspects which culminate in a funnel like structure.  The front façade is connected to nature as huge glass panels open on to a spacious covered terrace area.  Conifer trees planted in this region and inside the restaurant consolidate this glorious union.  Views out to sea from these zones are spectacular and due to the inside/outside configuration can be enjoyed comfortably through all seasons.

Exciting modern restaurant design


The interior of this delightful modern restaurant design is architecturally something very different.  It’s a large informal and welcoming environment.  No attempt has been made to hide the complex timber construction.  This becomes a bold almost industrial feature of the modern restaurant design. Wooden paneling sweeps throughout the spacious eating area along with an eclectic mix of furnishings and materials which gives the restaurant its casual air.

Modern restaurant with eco friendly design



One striking element is the lively atmosphere created by the hundreds of ‘harlequin’ colored pendant lights.  The impact is celebratory and up lifting, interestingly the wiring for the lights is also left exposed.  In fact the interior of the modern restaurant design by Emma Architects has a transitory air, something like a large wooden marquee.  This isn’t so strange as the idea behind the building was to make it easy to dismantle when its useful life is over.  Along with its self sufficiency in energy generation and waste disposal this modern restaurant design epitomizes all that is good about environmentally friendly architecture.

by Jaz

Modern restaurant – terrace


Exciting architecture – modern restaurantmodern-architecture-restaurant-netherlands

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