Contemporary architecture by Takis Exarchopoulos Architects

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This gorgeous private residential contemporary architecture is located in Greece. It is an amazing example of modernity, elegance and style combined together. With its minimalistic design, this residence gives us the perfect example that the architecture doesn’t need any redundant elements to be stylish and unique.  Designed by Takis Exarchopoulos Architects this home is ideal for all-year-round living. Modern in every way and fully equipped with everything necessary for a family this house offers a very comfortable living environment and exceptionally relaxing atmosphere. It can also suit purposefully as a holiday residence. Imagine taking a swim at night in this amazing pool, overlooking at the breathtaking views towards Greek islands.

Minimalist contemporary architecture with beautiful outdoor setting

gorgeous landscape design solution

This beautiful contemporary architecture definitely complements the gorgeous rich natural region of the Greek islands. It is located in Thiva, Greece and is designed as a family residence. Although it is very modern and stylish, the house completely corresponds with the vivid natural environment. The architecture, the interior and exterior approach towards the house suggest a very stylish, elegant minimalist clean design, which is quite rare for this region, but definitely more suitable for this environment.

Beautiful contemporary architecture in Greece

exceptional modern contemporary architecture exterior design

This U-shaped contemporary architecture consists of expansive living area on a single story – where the large hall, kitchen, bedrooms, living room and bathrooms are located. Outside there is a gorgeous patio and an incredible modern pool.  Each interior space is well distinguished. Some of the rooms are separated by glass, giving the interior even a more expansive and elegant look. Just like the outdoors, the indoor area is also very clean and modern in terms of design. There isn’t a single element or accessory that can be described as “too much”.  The Thiva residence is simply gorgeous, modern and stylish.

Stylish, outdoor setting

lovely wooden finish modern outdoor contemporary architecture

Gorgeous minimalist interior design

gorgeous swimming pool greek residence

Lovely poolside and a picturesque view towards the islands of Greece 

innovative modern stylish greek residence contemporary architecture

Gorgeous clean design interior

exceptional modern interior design

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