Beautiful summer house – “Island Retreat” in New Zealand


The talented designers from Fearon Hay Architects have created this seductively beautiful, self-sustained summer house in New Zealand. It is a captivating cluster of a couple structures slightly linked together by style and architecture. They are especially designed round a wonderful courtyard in camp-like manner. It is called “Island retreat” – a name that couldn’t be more suitable. Each concrete area is individually suited for living, including all necessary amenities required for eating, sleeping, resting and entertaining.

Beautiful view – summer house in New Zealand


This dream self-sustained summer house can make every owner proud. It is gorgeous, luxurious and extremely innovative. The structures are connected with beautiful glass panels that capture that sunlight and allow the entire living area to be naturally sun soaked. Each structure includes its own mechanical system and has its own purpose.

Beautiful summer house  with luxury interior design


The summer house includes a living area, and area for entertainment, bedrooms, a courtyard, a swimming pool and a studio.  Every part of the summer house is beautifully furnished with top quality material furniture and an exquisite taste. Though it is obvious that there is a great usage of glass in the structures, they are very stable and safe – resistant to the rough weather. That’s just one of the more reasons why this summer house is called Island Retreat.

Inner yard in the summer house  in New Zealand


This lovely summer house is not just a building or a cluster of structures. It is a warm, beautiful home that has wonderful atmosphere, appealing look, and most importantly a real feeling of homely comfort. It is one of the best residences that include absolutely everything you could possible need in a residential home. The balanced aesthetics and the natural elements that are literary intertwined within the structures, allow the house to blend in with the natural surrounding area.  The lucky owners of this impressive home have the ability to rest, admire the epic views and live in a beautiful, charming atmosphere. Can life be more perfect?

Amazing view from the  summer home


sunset view – summer residence in New Zealand


paradisial view from house in New Zealand


minimalist bathroom design


House by Fearon Hay Architects – landscape plan

  house -fearon-hay-architects-landscape-plan



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