A Magical Setting for a Minimalistic Luxury Summer House

‘Villa Amanzi’ by Original Vision Architects


Sublimely beautiful this minimalistic luxury summer house represents the epitome of living the high life. ‘Villa Amanzi’ is absolutely fabulous, with its elegant characteristics totally contrasting the rugged natural terrain of rocks but its sparkle complementing the brilliance of the azure blue Andaman Sea.

Minimalistic Luxury Summer House – Villa Amanzi


The construction by ‘Original Vision’ architects focuses on creating volume without weight.  This is achieved through the clean linear definition of alternating angles and levels.  The composition of this minimalistic luxury summer house was dictated by its awe-inspiring natural setting.  The architects were challenged in producing a structure that matched the breath taking location.  Therefore, the astounding natural environment dictated the composition of this superb minimalistic luxury summer house.  It was clearly important to maximize access to the phenomenal views of the ocean and rocky cliffs.

Amazing location for minimalistic luxury summer house


Viewed from above, this brave defiant structure emerges from the tree line but also descends into its unknown depths. The architecture of this minimalistic luxury summer house drops dramatically into the trees and then disappears.  Perched in an apparently precarious location ‘Villa Amanzi” is however, permanently fused with the precipitous terrain overlooking the ocean.  The rocks become part of the house, natural and manmade elements are fused. From the house and its terraces this anchoring stability is reassuringly apparent.  The contrast between the seemingly delicate structures of the minimalist luxury summer house and its rocky foundations adds an invigorating dynamic to the setting.  The skill of the architects in engineering this is undeniable.  They have achieved their goal of creating the most desirable home in a fabulous but improbable location.

Super luxurious coastal house by Original vision architects


The minimalistic luxury summer house is suspended but feels completely secure.  Incorporated into this amazing design feat are: the super luxurious house with its incomparable open atmosphere, luscious verdant gardens, fabulous terraces for relaxing and entertaining guests and the most dramatically positioned swimming pool.  This final feature is a cantilevered prominence suspended above the rocks and the sea many meters below.  It becomes the ultimate architectural focal point which defines the structure but also makes the connection between manmade and natural elements,

As the architects state,  their minimalistic luxury summer house design undeniably

“…. pays homage to the magic of the location.”


by Jaz

Amazing view and lighting  – Minimalistic Luxury Summer House


Minimalistic Luxury Summer house – lounge area


Azure blue Andaman Sea – view from luxury waterfront villa


Luxury Summer House modern furniture



Pool area summer house


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