White Minimalist Home with a modern twist by Aires Mateus & Associados


This white minimalist home is designed by Lisbon-based studio Aires Mateus & Associados and completed in 2010. The site of the building is set amid a forest area in Aroeira, Portugal. The location provides a lot of privacy and shade in the summer. Tall pine trees surround the house and act like a natural fencing. The house itself is situated in the centre of the lot embracing a large courtyard in the middle.

White minimalist architecture


The site for this white minimalist home has an interesting hexagonal shape. It reflects in the building’s own structure type that is shaped like an irregular hexagon with one open side that leads into the courtyard. The yard represents a spacious green lawn shaped according to the house’s inner contour. A wooden walkway goes along the inner walls following their curves, and the roof slab stretches above it in a respective shape.

White minimalist home in Aroeira


The structure of this white minimalist home is treated differently for its inner and outer parts. The outer façade facing the forest has the separate volumes connected under certain angles while the façade facing the courtyard has a curved design. Also, the outer walls have no openings and are completely enclosed for the landscape and the inner walls have all the windows and doors overlooking the yard. The best color to go with the structure of the house and the scenery is white. It expresses purity and simplicity and such neutral palette distinguishes the white minimalist home from its surroundings. The smooth bright façade also acts like a metaphorical playground for the tree shadows descending to it.

Inner yard in the white minimalist home


Inside the white minimalist home expresses the same simplicity and Minimalism as its exterior. The single floor sheltering all the living areas is divided into several areas. There is a separate garage, an open plan living area and a bedroom area. Their interior design shares the same concept: as much whiteness as possible, varied with some differently colored furniture and decoration in the rooms. Every space is open to the yard, the glazed openings providing connection to the surroundings and fair amount of daylight.

By K.H.Hristova

Spacious living areas – white interior design


Separate volumes connected under certain angles – white minimalist architecture


White interior design


Plans of House in Aroeira by Aires Mateus & Associados – white minimalist home

House-in-Aroeira-Aires Mateus



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