Urban house design – townhouse by GLUCK+

urban house modern privacy idea

This urban house located in New York City stands out with its incredibly individual and modern architecture. Although it is a townhouse it is designed with the notion of giving more privacy than the usual townhouse. That’s possible thanks to its super innovative and creative design architecture. There are a couple of major changes in the building that allow that separation from the outer world and creates a more homely warm, intimate environment, which is usually missing in other townhouse designs.

Urban house with a privacy solution in New York City

new private solution townhouse modern innovative

Placing the stairs and the elevator on the front, before the street, makes this urban house so different from others, because that way the living are and the bedrooms are separated and placed as far away as possible from the outside world. This way the residents get their necessary peace and quiet without hearing noises from the street or getting visual distraction, which is very common for New York City, as you can imagine.

Modern townhouse architecture

inside gluck+ project urban townhouse

Although you may come to think that this architectural solution only makes this urban house by GLUCK+ smaller and more unconventional in terms of living space, it is quite the contrary. This home couldn’t be more expansive and practical. This way the living area is sun-soaked throughout most of the day, as natural light comes in and warms up the environment and there is plenty of room for the living room, kitchen and bedroom areas, all of which are distinctly separated and at the same time part of a vast-open expansive living area in the most functional way possible. We can simply say that the design is absolutely flawless in every aspect. If you don’t believe that, see for yourself.

Exceptional contemporary townhouse interior

gluck+ urban townhouse design idea

Lovely facade of an urban townhouse in NYC

urban house design idea new creative new york city dweling

Lovely house for the city dweling

gluck+ urban townhouse creative solution

Incredible urban house architecture

expansive modern dweling urban area

The house interior is naturally sun-soaked

townhouse creative design urban area solution

Expansive living area separated from the outside world

expansive modern living area townhouse

The urban townhouse structure plan

design idea modern urban house solution gluck+

townhouse design creative urban area solution

new york urban house architecture plan

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