Modern Waterfront Home


This beautiful modern waterfront home is located in the suburban area of Randwick, Australia. It is designed by Sydney-based studio MPR Design Group and finished in 2010. The home is a modern representation of a more primitive design building that interacts with the magnificent natural environment around it. The simple white exterior combines raw wood construction and contemporary floor-to-ceiling windows that give the modern waterfront home a contrasting and a bit conflicting overall look. The combination is brought together by the raw looking white surface of the façade and the wooden window frames. The building stands out with the blue sky in the background and the garden at the front. Set of pure white steps matching the façade take you to the entrance that leads to the second level.

Modern waterfront home in Australia



Here are the spacious living areas that open to a large infinity pool at the side of the house and to the beautiful ocean at the front. Sky, water and grass merge in the landscape and create a complete relaxation environment. The modern waterfront home offers open terraces with lounge and dining areas letting you enjoy the full experience of the view and atmosphere.

Modern waterfront home – interior


The outdoor spaces flow into the indoor ones and thus create a continuous ambience. The interior of the modern waterfront home reflects the exterior in its mixture of white walls and wood. Wood is widely used here covering the floors, ceilings and furniture. Its presence is practically felt everywhere and it makes the rooms warm and welcome. The minimalist furniture looks rather simple, its main functions to bring comfort and coziness to the place.

The whole appearance of the modern waterfront home from MRP design group speaks of a quiet place dedicated to more pleasure and less luxury. It implies that home is all about comfort and simplicity all in the right environment.

By K.H.Hristova

Design by MPR Design Group

Cozy terace with great view


modern garden with pool


white facade – minimalist house


contemporary dining room design


minimalist interior – waterfront home


elegant living room furniturecontemporary-living-room-interior

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