Modern residence architecture by Aidlin Darling


San Francisco based company Aidlin Darling designs the large Vineyard Residence in Sonoma County, California. This beautiful estate stretches among wild rural landscapes at Sonoma Mountain’s base and includes a sixty-acre vineyard. The architects of the building want to connect the site with the modern residence architecture. A long pool running from the nearby southerly forest makes a good foundation to create the design. The structure is organized around that pool, its facades reflected into the water. To the East, there are vast views to the valley and vineyards that bring the natural riches inside the house. That way, the owners can live their everyday life while feeling closer to their country and occupation. The modern residence architecture looks even closer to the surroundings thanks to the use of stone and wood as main materials.

Glass walls in modern residence architecture in California


The building fulfills three main purposes. It functions as a private residence, an art preserve and a facility for agricultural operations. The structure is a complex made from several layers following the sloping terrain. Three floors of modern residence architecture shelter all the rooms in the house. The spaces are arranged around the natural reflecting pool, following a sequence of daily routines. The elongated profile of the house and its orientation allow gain of passive heat in the mornings and ensures shade on the afternoons.

solid stone walls – part of the interior of modern residence architecture


Interior design is an essential part of this modern residence architecture.  The house’s interior is treated differently in the separate rooms. Some of the living areas have modern white walls and ceilings and warm wooden floors and furniture; in others the walls are made from stone or covered in wood. The strong tough presence of stone in this modern residence architecture is soften by the use of thin wooden window frames. They look very light next to the big rough stone walls and their dark color is in contrast with the cream-colored stones. The use of so many materials in different ways provides a precious variety of living spaces which is a considerable asset for such a large house.

By K.H.Hristova


Beautiful view of the valley



Exterior and landshaft



Open spaces – architecture by Aidlin Darling


Glass, wood and stone – main materials in the Vineyard residence


Interior design of modern residence in California


ModernVineyard residence by Aidlin Darling




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