Modern meets ancient in a contemporary design apartment

Apartment by Pitsou Kedem Architects


The Jaffa Apartment is set in a very old building situated in the old harbor of Tel Aviv, Israel. It looks to the Mediterranean Sea and has preserved the atmosphere of the old city within its walls. Pitsou Kedem Architects studio manages to renovate the space and turn it into a contemporary design apartment without losing the authentic sense of its ancient environment.

Contemporary patio furniture on the terrace of an old building

Jaffa-Apartment-Tel Aviv-seaside-view

The idea of the project includes restoring some parts of the old building that are in bad condition and bringing them back to life as part of the apartment’s interior design. Those elements are the stone walls, the arches in the openings and the segmented ceilings. The newly renovated and clean environment sets the base to transform the place into a contemporary design apartment. This is the most delicate part of the project as it requires careful matching of the furniture, colors and materials for the new interior. All those elements should be integrated into the ancient space without dominating its nature. The result turns out very natural and the contemporary design apartment manages to combine both features of modern and old time design.

Contemporary design behind ancient walls


The old design is preserved into the elements of the building – the frame while the modern is expressed in the internal content of the spaces – the details. The rooms are designed with open plans and furnished with minimalist yet not too luxurious furniture. Simple clean lines and natural materials come in touch with the stone rooms of the contemporary design apartment. The white color prevails into the modern elements of the design and makes a delicate transition with the stone. The simple modern interior matches well with the strong majestic presence of the old building structure creating an interesting dialogue between different times.

By K.H.Hristova

Jaffa Apartment in Israel – Exterior


Contemporary interior design in an old building


Contemporary interior and furniture design


Ancient stone walls


Jaffa Apartment with ancient elements


Ancient stone pillars in contemporary apartment design


Contemporary kitchen design with an ancient twist


Dining area in an ancient environment


Contemporary interior in an ancient building


Modern bathroom design in an ancient building in Israel


White minimalist bedroom design


Jaffa Apartment – dining area


Ancient environment with contemporary decoration


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