Modern house architecture by Alexander Brenner Architects


The Oberen Berg House is designed by German studio Alexander Brenner Architects and completed in 2007. This piece of modern house architecture is located on a hilly green site in Stuttgart, Germany. The building is set on the edge of a hill and oriented to soak in the magnificent sight of forest and mountain stretching beneath it. Its southwest orientation also ensures the maximum solar energy gain which also makes this modern house architecture an energy-efficient one as well. To complete the energy concept there is a large solar system placed on the roof and a geothermal heat pump.

Modern house architecture with clean design



The vast green surroundings are perfect for the clean design of minimalist house architecture. The architects create such design by means of using smooth white surfaces and a lot of glass on the façade. The building is designed to have many layers that give depth to it. The Northeast part of the minimalist house represents a white cubes combination that look as a single volume from a distance. On approaching the building they gradually begin to take shape of individual structures.

Modern house architecture – interior


This modern house architecture piece has a total of four floor levels. The lowest of them is an underground basement, the first level above ground holds the garage and living area, the second holds the bedroom area and the uppermost level is a penthouse. The main entrance is positioned North-East and leads into a two-storey high entrance hall glazed from top to bottom. Upon entering one is aware of the interplay of spaces in this modern house architecture. There is a complex structure of open and enclosed spaces that create a balance between revelation and privacy.

Modern house architecture – dining room


Another interesting feature of the Oberen Berg House by Alexander Brenner is its ability to adjust to the owner’s needs. Designed to last for many generations, this piece of minimalist house architecture can be divided easily into separate spaces of different sizes. This can be done without requiring much constructional work and create a comfortable living area without changing the building’s shell.

By K.H.Hristova

Modern white architecture


modern interior


black decoration – minimalist architecture


white minimalist interior


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