Modern Home -Silverhurst by SAOTA and Antoni Associates

modern home beautiful architecture

This incredible modern home is again designed by SAOTA in collaboration with Antoni Associates. When it comes to luxury and style, this is definitely the winning duo. This time the, what it seems to be, a contemporary architecture has a more traditional aspect than the other projects designed by the Cape Town-based studio. You can sense the traditional design incorporated in the overall modern look; however everything is dynamic and somehow flows together. Even the interior design by Antoni Associates perfectly fits in this architectural notion.

Silverhurst modern home – private residence in Cape Town

luxurious furnishing silverhurst incredible design

Actually this modern home is situated in a Cape Town suburb called Constantia. It is known as the Silverhurst residence, and as you can see with from its unique beauty and style it would be hard to confuse it with another. SAOTA have mixed together different traditional styles and incorporated them into their creative contemporary solutions.

Amazing architecture and luxurious interiors

expansive interior design creative solution

The architecture of this modern home includes a vast-expansive entrance which is naturally sun-beamed. The entire façade of the building has a very strong Georgian reminiscent, but is accomplished with modern techniques. The living spaces are separated into two wings that divide after the entrance. Behind the living space there is a lovely courtyard, which cannot be seen from the front of the house, which turns it into a very private area with a gorgeous garden. One of the interesting facts about this modern home is that it is equipped with high-tech innovativeness in every aspect, including the walls. There is a special featured mechanism that allows them to disappear. How amazing is that? Of course, everything to the last detail is extremely modern, luxurious and corresponds to the character and style of the residence – we are talking from curtain to furnishing, to flooring – everything is carefully picked out and arranged so that the interior flows perfectly together with the exterior. Breathtaking!

Beautiful architectural elements amazing view expansive outdoor lovely entrance

Innovative home solutions

exceptional interior exquisite luxurious furnishing

Futuristic high-tech mechanisms – disappearing walls

expansive hallway creative modern design

Expansive bathroom chic interior modern home bathroom design saota

Lovely exterior, beautiful cortyard and garden

Silverhurst modern innovative home design

Incredible architecture with well integrated interior design solutions

beautiful home design solution innovative residence

Silverhurst residence in Cape Town – one of a kind!

private residence silverhurst lovely modern design

lovely exterior design furniture beautiful landscape

silverhurst interior living room exquisite furniture

silverhurst warm natural interior master bedroom

beautiful otudoor indoor blending

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