Modern Concrete House Design in Perfect Harmony with Nature

By Josep Ferrando Bramona of Spain


This modern concrete house was designed to benefit from its beautiful natural surroundings and the changing seasons of Bescano in Spain.  For anyone who thinks concrete is an uninspiring material, think again. The creative architect, Josep Ferrando Bramona, has made fabulous work of integrating the house with the natural curve of the hill top landscape.

Modern concrete house – example of a creative architecture project


This stunning modern concrete house has been created on an elongated rectilinear floor plan.  The vertical construction has been staggered to nestle into the crest of the sloping landscape. This results in a home that enjoys numerous terraces and viewing platforms from which to take full advantage of the delightful scenery.

 Stunning modern concrete house


The integration of manmade and natural elements is plain to see, To one side of the modern concrete house, the treetops are at the same level as a terraced area; on another side entwining tree branches create a partial screen through which glimpses of the landscape can be seen in a more private seating area. The roof of the house is constructed from black basalt, which adds definition and depth to the perception of the scenery beyond the house.  There is a fascinating irregularity to the construction of the roof as the tiles have been positioned to face in different directions, sometimes they lean towards the horizon which fuses the outline of the modern concrete house sympathetically with the backdrop of the hills. At other times they delineate terrace areas.

 Fascinating irregularity – modern concrete house


As the woodland, surrounding this exciting home, naturally changes with the seasons the impact on the modern concrete house is evident.  In summer dense foliage provides welcome shade and a fresh atmosphere as green light filters through the natural curtain of the trees. In the darker winter months more natural light passes through the trees as the branches loose their leaves.

 Exciting modern design – concrete home in Bescano


The construction of the house walls forms a series of dramatic diagonal relationships between interrelated spaces and structures.  The resulting effect is that the profile of the modern concrete house becomes an extension of the natural undulations of the hillside.  In addition this configuration results in important interior areas of the house appearing suspended in space.  These areas are enhanced with floor to ceiling glass windows which maximize enjoyment of the views and brings the outside scenery into the decorative scheme of the modern concrete house.  The interior space is therefore completely fused with the natural landscape of the exterior surroundings.

by Jaz

Modern architecture – concrete house plan


Modern minimalist architecture -room plan


Contemporary architecture with minimalist design


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