Modern architecture of a private residence in Urgnano

modern architecture creative structure design

Located in the Urgnano region, Northern Italy, designed by matteo casari architetti, this modern architecture stands out in this natural mountain area which is still partially wild and has not yet been urbanized. The structure of building definitely suits the landscape; it somehow blends in with the horizon and makes a very natural flow between the untamed nature and the modern world of architectural design.

Amazing modern architecture concept

new residential construction italy matteo casari

The expansive entrance and the layered out structure is very much suited for the modern architecture concept idea it represents. This way the residents have the ability to feel comfortable in a more expansive interior and be able to enjoy the views on a more vast-open concept area. The pool the exterior parts of the house and the surfaces are all part of that amazing concept. Although it may seem as if there isn’t much chance for the light to come through this architecture, it is actually very easy to sun-soak the interiors. The architects have thought about everything.

Excellent layered structure – vas-expansive interior

private home north italy matteo casari design

The cost of this modern architecture is 550 000 € but it is totally worth it for this 350 square meters of exceptional quality building and interior design. This incredible structure looks expansive on the outside but it is even more expansive on the inside. With its clean design expansive floor-to-ceiling-windows that allow the sun-reflection from the pool water to sun-beam the lower-level of the house. This creates a warm magical atmosphere and adds the illusion of even natural flow between the indoors and the outdoors. Certainly there is nothing quite like this amazing architectural concept by matteo casari architetti. Imagine gazing at the horizon and looking down on this incredible landscape that surrounds you. The views are simply breathtaking and the building itself is not an exception when it comes to beauty.

Incredible landscape and skyline

inspirational modern creative structure private residence

 Private residence located in North Italy

urgnano located luxurious private home

Clean modern look

exceptional architectural modern design innovative solution

Floor-to-ceiling windows, gorgeous pool design

amazing innovative modern architectural piece italy

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