Minimalistic studio design by EgoVitaminaCreativa

Studio Ego- new office design by EgoVitaminaCreativa

This is a project of Italian architecture studio EgoVitaminaCreativa for their new office in Cuneo, Italy. The architects take a one bedroom apartment and turn it into a compact modern working space. The concept of the minimalistic studio design is to allow maximum storage space and to provide a clean fresh working environment.

Studio Ego – modern workplace

Studio Ego - compact workplace

The preparation for the new minimalistic studio design project includes eliminating some parts of the old apartment. The dining room and kitchen are united and the walls separating the hallway from the dining area and bedroom are demolished. Then there is a large open plan space with a bathroom and another room that used to be the living room. The former kitchen is turned to a studio, the bedroom becomes a meeting room and the living room is transformed into an office.

Maximum storage design in Studio Ego

Studio Ego- maximum office storage design

The demolition sets the base of the new minimalistic studio design which is developed into two steps. The first one is setting a long continuous stand meandering along the walls of the open plan space enclosing the bathroom area. The stand consists of many shelves and cabinets providing all the storage space needed for the office. It is painted white and has no handles which results in its clean modern look. The bathroom is accessible through a door installed into the stand in perfect harmony with its design. There is also a sliding door that can separate the meeting room from the rest when needed. The stand design is highlighted by the fresh green color of the wall it runs along.

Floor-to-ceiling cupboards and flexible sliding door

Studio Ego- spacious cupboards

Studio Ego- maximum storage space in the office

After completing the first stage and achieve enough storage space the architects take the next final step in the new minimalistic studio design which is completing its furnishing. They put modern black desks into the studio and office and a conference table in the meeting area. The desks are installed against the walls and make a reference to the big white stand with their similar irregular shapes. The rest of the design consists of brown tiles finish for the floor and white celing.

By K.H.Hristova

Orderly office look

modern Studio Ego by EgoVitaminaCreativa

Great office design – Studio Ego

Studio Ego- new office design

Maximum storage space in the office

Studio Ego- floor-to-ceiling cupboards

Transformation plan

transformation plan of Studio Ego


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