Minimalist Vacation Home by GM Arquitectos


The GM1 House is a minimalist vacation home that Columbian studio GM Arquitectos designed in 2011. Set among a stunning green landscape in Girardot, Colombia, this house expresses a purity of shape and color palette. It has a simple yet effective modern design that implies luxury without overshadowing the scenery and mixes clean white surfaces with colorful details.

Minimalist vacation home with contemporary design



The structure of the minimalist vacation home is formed with calm straight lines. The two floors of the house are designed to be as open to the environment as possible. The living area sheltered in the lower level is open to the pool and outdoor dining area. An exterior staircase with wooden steps and glass railing ascends to the upper level where all four en-suite bedrooms are contained. The bedrooms are enclosed with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the pool area. They are all connected to a terrace that acts like a hallway and lounge area.

Minimalist vacation home with exciting interior



The entire second floor of the minimalist vacation home is covered with the slanted roof slab which together with the external walls and lower slab embraces the second level and leaves the first one revealed. That bold structure makes the building look expressive and modern, its purely white color completing the impact of the visual effect.The interior of the minimalist vacation home is just as impressive. White color spreads throughout ceilings, walls and floors to create a most pure and bright environment.

Contemporary minimalist architecture in Colombia


The whiteness is complemented by some furniture pieces but is also varied with the use of black color and metal. All the rooms have some colorful accents added to them for more liveliness and high spirits. The living area has some azure elements and the bedrooms have red, blue and purple elements. The overall design of this minimalist vacation home by GM depicts modern luxury with a sense of class and style.

By K.H.Hristova

contemporary bedroom design


modern minimalist architecture


minimalist vacation home-outdoor


exciting white minimalist architecture in Colombia


luxury vacation home


Minimalist vacation home with pool


minimalist home – plan


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