Minimalist Mountain Home by K_M Architektur

Designed by K_M Architektur

 modern mountain home

The project for the minimalist mountain home Wohnhaus Am Walensee is created by Austrian studio K_M Architektur. The building site is set in the small village of Unterterzen, Switzerland and it overlooks Walensee Lake. It is completed in 2007 as a small single-family home with two floor living area and a lot of outdoor space. There is also a photovoltaic system on the rooftop that produces energy for the home.

Minimalist mountain home with great design

mountain home - minimalist architecture

mountain home with great view

The mountain environment depicts a vivid and serene picture full of life and color, which is why the architects choose a simple structure and natural material cladding for the building. The minimalist mountain home has a concrete skeleton and wooden façade. It is made from two volumes, the smaller one containing the first floor and the bigger one – the second floor. Due to the steep mountain terrain the whole structure is elevated above ground level to take a steady horizontal position. Supported by small pillars the elevated part creates a floating effect. The minimalist mountain home is enclosed to the road and open to the lake view. The floor-to-ceiling windows and doors let the fantastic mountain scenery inside and makes it part of the design. Two long terraces are facing the water and allowing us to taste the outdoor atmosphere of this magical place.

Minimalist mountain home – interior

modern red kitchen cabinets

Inside, the minimalist mountain home reflects its exterior style. The first floor consists of an open plan living area, a bedroom and a large bathroom. The second floor shelters the other bedroom and bath, and an office. The interior design has a charming warm feeling to it; it combines white ceilings with glass external walls and wooden floors. Some of the furniture and the terraces are also made from wood. The color palette in the dining area is enriched with some red elements and the in the bedrooms – with some blue decoration. The overall interior of the minimalist mountain home by K_M Architektur makes a nice cozy space which is open to the surrounding beauty as well.

By K.H.Hristova

modern bedroom design

minimalist bedroom design

white modern fireplace

modern interior – living room with fireplace

mountain home with great view

mountain house with great view

minimalist house design - Switzerland

minimalist house in Switzerland

minimalist house - back

minimalist house – backview

minimalist house - night

contemporary minimalist design

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