Minimalist house architecture by Hernandez Silva Architects


Lucke Orozco house in Guadalajara, Mexico is designed by Mexican architectural studio Hernandez Silva Architects. This minimalist house architecture is situated in one of the oldest settlements in Guadalajara on a steep site among the mostly leveled city area. The situation provides good winds and view to the city from the upper floor level. The irregular shape of the plot defines the positioning and shape of the minimalist house design. A sharp corner to the East makes one of the volumes shift and create variety in the overall image. The scheme of the minimalist house architecture represents two brackets, one of them overlooking the street and the other – the garden in the back. At the union point of the two there is a void marked with a high myrtle tree.

Minimalist house interior combines wood and glass


The house has two floor levels consisting of large continuous spaces. They are supported by tall beams which allow a view without obstacles. The high spacious areas in this minimalist house architecture provide enough space to shelter gardens inside. The flora here plays an essential part of the design and accompanies the inhabitants all around the house. Upon entering you will find yourself among a large green garden with a 30ft (9m) high trees surrounded by a pool. That calm view brings nature’s impact inside and intertwines it with the minimalist house design. The influence of the garden space is enhanced through the use of wood on the walls and ceiling and some soft artificial lighting. The space in the first floor is split in two parts one of which is a straight continuation of the entrance garden and the other one spreads to the Northwest. The first one shelters the living room and the second – the dining room area. The concept of the minimalist house architecture is kept formal and clean by use of similar materials throughout the building. White wall and ceilings are combined with wooden surfaces and elegant ceramic floors. The furniture is in the spirit of minimalist house design – modern with some more wood, metal and fabrics in neutral colors.

By K.H.Hristova

   Garden inside a minimalist house architecture in Mexico


Spacious house architecture by Hernandez Silva Architects


Subtly lighting in a spacious living room


Spacious areas in a minimalist house in Mexico


continuous spaces in minimalist house in Mexico


magical lighting in Lucke Orozco house


Lucke Orozco house- minimalist bathroom design


minimalist bathroom design – dark wood


spacious bathroom design – Lucke Orozco house


Plans of Lucke Orozco house in Guadalajara, Mexico



minimalist-house-Hernandez-Silva-roof-plan minimalist-house-Hernandez-Silva-second-floor-plan minimalist-house-Hernandez-Silva-ground-floor-plan

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