Luxury house design – St Leon 10 in Cape Town, South Africa

incredible view terrace south africa cape town

This luxury house was not actually designed for permanent residency but rather for occasional holidays for two brothers who wanted a place where they can go on vacation with friends or family. Because it is located in Clifton and it is located right over the Clifton Beaches, literarily incorporated into the slope of the cliff, the spectacular view towards the Twelve Apostle Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean is simply breathtaking. Because it is cut into the cliff, a big part of the first floor is actually below the ground level. This makes the architecture even more unique and interesting.

Incredible luxury house incorporated in a cliff in Cape town South Africa

St Leon 10 epic view amazing landscape expansive terrace pool

The first floor of this luxury house designed by SAOTA is ideal for a more intimate setting because it offers more privacy. It is cozy and comfortable, but the upper floor offers an incredible skyline on the west-side. All of the rooms on the upper level are facing that lovely view, and as you can guess that only makes the interior more fantastic. Speaking of interior – Antoni Associates were the interior decorators for this incredible house. That’s why they are so personal and unique yet so natural. You can see the incredible flow between the different styles, textures and fabrics, when entering into different rooms.

Amazing luxurious house with chic interior

luxury house design incredible glass hallway

The luxury house includes an expansive dining room and kitchen 2 lounges, and on the second floor there are the bedrooms. The upper floor can be accessed by lovely sculptured stairs that are simply gorgeous. Every room is cozy and comfortable, you just gasp at every entrance. This two-level house is built to give relaxation. Of course, we saved the extras for last – the interior also includes a gym, a bar and a wine cellar. Can it get any better than this?

Luxurious house interior 

st leon luxurious interior glass white walls hallway

Glass hallway incredible house interior

st leon amazing glass hallway luxury home

Amazing house interior with glass walls

saota design architecture amazing luxurious house

Outdoor furniture on the terrace with an epic view

expansive terrace lovely outdoor furniture

Luxurious house on a cliff in South Africa

luxury house design amazing architecture south africa

Expansive luxurious home 

south africa private luxurious residence

St Leon 10 house by SAOTA

luxurious private home south africa

cape town south africa amazing creative architecture

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