Clean modern apartment remodel by Den Architecture

modern apartment interior by den architects

This simple and stylish home design is the result of a modern apartment remodel project of created by Miami-based studio Den Architecture. The flat itself is called the Horcasitas Apartment. It is located in a last century building inMiami,Florida and covers a 172 sqm / 1,858 sqf area of living space. A home for a young American couple, the place is designed with a fresh modern vibe and without hurting the clients’ budget.

Red accent in the living room

red accents in the living room

With the use of various modern materials and clean lines the Horcasitas Apartment is transformed into an inviting contemporary home. The concept for the modern apartment remodel project is to make the most of the place by relying on openness and continuation of space. The spacious living area is a single open plan room with minimalist sense. Its white ceiling and walls create a feeling for larger and cleaner space. The furniture is modern and stylish: a white leather u-shaped sofa in the living room, a glass table with white chair set in the dining room and a steel built-in kitchen. The modern apartment remodel also includes a lot of storage space created as part of the overall design.

Modern living room design

modern living room interior

The clean tight contemporary look of the place after the modern apartment remodel sets an open and bright atmosphere but what really gives this design its essential character are the details. The designers manage to do a good work on creating contrast in the space by adding dark furniture pieces. They also use an interesting wooden wall accent in the living room and kitchen to achieve more warmth. There is also some small decoration to complete the room’s image and make the place a real home. Natural lighting does the rest to turn this modern apartment remodel into the bright peaceful home environment that the clients’ desire.

By K.H.Hristova

Elegant look with white leder chairs

modern glass table with white chairs

Modern kitchen design – wood and steel

modern kitchen with wood and steel design

Clean modern bathroom design

modern bathroom design by den architecture

Big bed and wooden architecture in the bedroom

modern bedroom - wooden design

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