Austrian modern architecture house by Buerger Katsota Architects

Villa S in in Hietzing, Vienna


Villa S is a 650 m² contemporary residence built in 2011 by Austrian architecture studio buerger katsota architects. The modern architecture house is located in Hietzing, Vienna on a corner plot near the Vienna Forest. The site provides a 1400 m² area among a quiet green environment including a small creek and a few protected oak trees.

contemporary residence – Villa S with movable panels


The building is designed to serve the needs of an extended family. It has four separate parts: two family units, a guest unit and a performing artist studio. The modern architecture house consists of three floor levels that are completely visible from the front side. In the back the structure sinks into the sloping ground and leaves only two floors open to the garden. The materials used for the façade are concrete for the first floor and Teflon panels for the two upper floors. The panels are fixed or movable in order to cover the openings. They also act like a plain white background for the tree shadows casted on the modern architecture house.

contemporary residence – villa S


Inside the villa the separate rooms are arranged around a large skylight staircase. The living areas are facing the garden and are designed large enough to accommodate people for various music and social events. The apartment on the garden level is connected to an outdoor area with a patio, a fireplace and a pond while the upper apartment has a beautiful view to the forest and the upper part of the garden. Both apartments are glazed richly on the side where they overlook the garden in order to feel more open and connected to nature. In the same time all private areas of the modern architecture house can be completely enclosed thanks to the movable panels on the façade. That keeps the villa private and gives it a stern contemporary look.

By K.H.Hristova


modern architecture – exterior of villa S


contemporary house architecture in Vienna


modern architecture – glass sliding doors and white interior design


Villa  S – white minimalist staircase


plans of Villa S  by Buerger Katsota Architects

modern-architecture-Buerger-Katsota-Architects axiometric-plan-modern-architecture-Villa-S

  Axiometric plan – modern architecture by Buerger Katsota Architects


contemporary-house-architecture-villa-s-plan architecture-plan-villa-s-Buerger-Katsota-Architects contemporary-villa-Buerger-Katsota-Architects contemporary-villa-Buerger-Katsota-Architects-plan contemporary-residence-Buerger-Katsota-Architects

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