Architectural design of a private residence in Greece

modern home architectural design award nominated

This creative architectural design private residence is located in Sikamino, Greece, which is very close to Athens. This private home is the synonym of luxury. Because of its incredible design and innovative structure, this house was nominated for mies van der rohe award in 2013.  The beautiful architecture is complemented by the incredible Greek landscape, surrounded by a forest of olive trees. It is very nicely integrated with this environment, which makes the residential experience even more exciting.

Award-nominated architectural design idea – a private home in Sikamino

sikamino modern architectural design

An interesting fact about this architectural design is that the roof is about 60 meters long and is made of concrete, it is very solid and gives the feeling of being well protected.  Because the color of the concrete and the color of the ground are very similar, it allows the building to blend in with the rest of the exterior. There is a natural flow between the outdoor and the indoor and it makes you feel a part of the surroundings and the house itself almost disappears.

The outdoor blends with the indoor of this modern home design

incredible sikamino private residence beautiful concrete roof

This architectural design concept by tense architecture network is not simply a gorgeous structure; it is also extremely functional and very expansive on the inside. This allows the residents to feel only comfort and joy when in the house. The lower level is the most expansive one, and that’s where the bedrooms and the private areas are located. As you get on the upper levels and towards the rooftop a lovely view of the landscape is revealed and the indoor simply flows into the outdoor area where you can gasp at the sight of the gulf sea and the mountain. It is simply spectacular. Everything to the smallest detail in terms of structure and interior in this house is exquisite. Check for yourself.

Surrounded by olive trees

sikamino private residence lovely design natural surrounding

Expansive on the inside, discreet on the outside

tense architecture network lovely project Greece

Glass spiral staircase connects the upper and lower level

sikamino lovely private residence insidde expansive area

Exquisite interior design – creative ceiling solution

sikamino innovative structurte creative home

Totally blends in with the natural surrounding area 

natural blending outdoor indoor architectural design

Modern architecture with expansive floor -to-ceiling windows towards the magnificent view

award winning architectural design creative idea

Modern architecture for a private home  

inside private residence greece tense architecture network

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