Trunk house – Modern log cabin design by Paul Morgan Architects

Trunk house - modern design log cabin design

This fascinating project originated in Australia but is likely to be globally influential. Perched on a raised bank within a tranquil and mature woodland, the ‘Trunk House’ represents the perfect fusion between modern architectural technique and traditional indigenous building methods.  This modern log cabin design evolved jointly from the client’s requirements alongside natural environmental influences.

The modern log cabin design is located in the picturesque setting of Victoria’s Central Highlands.  It is a relatively small construction but intelligent use of space ensures that the interior is very comfortable and by no means cramped or claustrophobic.  Huge floor to ceiling windows in the main living areas reduce perceptual barriers between interior and exterior.  In this way, the full impact of the forest scenery becomes an integral part of the modern log cabin design.  Made partly from rough hewn timber the building is essentially modern in appearance but retains links to historical local building traditions.

Trunk house - modern design log cabin design

The skeletal frame of the modern log cabin design was inspired by the trees themselves and other natural forms and structures.  Parts of fallen trees were minimally refined and incorporated into the structure in an apparently natural state, although some metal strengthening was invisibly introduced by a sculptor.  Other timbers were sourced and prepared on site.  The building blocks of the forest and the modern log cabin are therefore inextricably united.  The gentle curvilinear façade and canopy of the ‘Trunk House’ is an obvious modern refinement, however the dominant use of local timber and the sinuous pillar structures anchor the modern log cabin firmly to its site both physically and visually.  The smallness of the structure invites the forest to embrace the cabin therefore creating a pleasing harmony and balance.

Trunk house – contemporary design log cabin

Trunk house - modern design log cabin design

The interior of the modern log cabin design is inviting and snug.  The fusion of traditional and modern themes continues on the inside.  The walls and ceiling are all timber beams and paneling as would be found in a conventional cabin structure.  However, the layout of the living spaces is more organic, based on a system of irregular interconnected volumes.  The majority of the furnishing units and cabinets are ‘fitted in’ as a continuation of the main timber structure.  Comfortable deep fabric cushions make a nest like seating unit, perfect for relaxation.  Returning to tradition, a large wood burner becomes a fabulous focal point in the open plan living and kitchen area. A natural hide rug and a selective collection of art objects add a personal and welcoming touch to the modern log cabin design.

The family who own this weekend retreat were granted their wish of being provided with the perfect place to enjoy the forest environment in cozy isolation.

Interior design – Modern architecture Log cabin

Wooden interior design - modern design log cabin design

Modern design log cabin

Modern architecture log cabin

Wooden stylish design furniture and interior

Minimalist wooden interior design - Log cabin

Kitchen and dining room design

The kitchen and the dining room in the log cabin

The construction of the log cabin

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