The Pulse Pavilion – an innovative architectural bamboo structure

Innovative bamboo structure

Recently visitors and inhabitants of Macao could enjoy seeing one  innovative architectural bamboo structure – the Pulse Pavilion. It is placed at Sai Van Plaza near the Macao Tower and is something that you surely cannot see in your neighbourhood.

 The Pulse Pavilion in Macao

The Pulse Pavilion in Macao designed from bamboo rods

This temporary structure in the shape of a grid is made of bamboo rods and textile screens folded together and making tunnel-like shape. There is a LED lighting system installed in it, so it shines colourfully. The most interesting thing about this innovative structure is that it response to your entering in it by changing the colours of its LED lights. The intensity of the light and the speed of its changes depend on the number of people that have entered it.

 Close perspective of the original architecture of the structure

Bamboo rods stuck together forming impressive architectural structure

This extraordinary  structure is made by third-year university architecture students from the University of St. Joseph in Macao. For the actual bulding of the Pulse Pavilion they were given hand by a local craftsmen. As a result of the cooperation between the new scientific technologies and the traditional skills, now Macao has this extravagant new structure to complete its exotic looks.

The amazing looks of the Pulse Pavilion at night

Innovative achitecture combined with impressive light system

The structure’s glowing effect from the inside

Impressive design combination between light, bamboo and textile

The entrance of the amazing bamboo structureView from the entrance of the bamboo structure

Unusual architecture combination between textile and bamboo

Inside look of the architectural bamboo structure

Innovative structure in the urban surroundings

The innovative architectural structure with urban background

The structure’s impressive LED light system

The impressive look during the night of the innovative structure

Fascinated by the Pulse Pavilion at night

People enjoying the extraordinary looks of the Pulse pavilion at night

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