Holistic Contemporary Architecture House S

House S project by Keiji Ashizawa Design of Tokyo 

  Holistic Contemporary architecture house in Japan

‘House S’ is located in a peaceful residential area in the center of Tokyo. The house is tucked away in a cul-de-sac, away from the main streets and is pleasantly surrounded by a number of mature conifer trees.  Keiji Ashizawa Design took a holistic approach to creating a home that is in harmony with its surroundings and also provides the perfect environment for the owners to display their prized art works and furnishings.

Holistic contemporary architecture is in harmony with its surroundings.

Holistic Contemporary architecture house in Japan

From the street it is hard to imagine what lies beyond the very private façade of the holistic contemporary architecture. The building is easy on the eye and compatible with the natural vegetation that surrounds it but it has been designed to ensure privacy for the family who live here.

 The mature trees that border the site are seen as a valuable asset, so the house was designed with these very much in mind.  The architects have also provided the owners with many different ways to access the outside environment with attractive garden areas being created on all floors.  This has the desirable effect of bringing aspects of the landscape inside the home.  As these gardens mature, their vegetation will merge with the existing trees and provide even more privacy for the family.


A stylish home and a display space unite in holistic contemporary architecture

  House S - Modern house with traditional flavor

As well as enjoying the outside spaces and the surrounding landscape it was important to this family that the interior of the house would enable them to display there collection of artworks and exquisite furnishings. These images show how the holistic contemporary architecture was manipulated to accommodate these special requirements.  The images shown here show how the architects have molded materials, light, air and space to achieve the perfect environment to suit their client’s lifestyle and exhibit their precious collections to the best advantage. Obviously,  the way this house functions was a priority concern but in this case the interior arrangement, the lighting and choice of materials used in its construction had to act as a gallery space as well as a comfortable home.

  Dining area with open view to the gardenHolistic Contemporary design House - Dining room

Low key materials and colors were selected to ensure the correct balance was kept between an unobtrusive decorative scheme but an interior design that still had style and presence in abundance. In addition to all these considerations, the concept of different seasons is represented on each floor of the house.  The design of House S was a complex and many faceted project which represents an honest example of holistic contemporary architecture.

Asian style design – Japanese holistic architecture house

Dining room design - Asian Japanese style

Asian style interior design - dining table

Living room design - Japansese style

Asian style bedroom design

Staircase design

View to the exterior Garden

Exterior design - Table chairs on wooden floor

Landscape design - Japansehe house

Terrace Design and furniture - House S

Patio design idea - HOUSE S

House plans

House plans

House plans House plans

by Jaz

House by Keiji Ashizawa Design

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