French flair influences elegant Interior Design

‘Villa M’ by Brian Dillard Architecture of Austin, United States

French Flair Influences Elegant Interior Design - Villa M

The elegant interior design of the Villa M makes an exciting contrast to its ultra modern architecture.  This fabulous house was designed by Brian Dillard Architecture and is located in Austin, Texas.  The owner of the house has French origins so the interior design reflects this heritage.  The focus here is the successful union between ornate antique furniture within a streamlined geometric environment.

Antique and modern styles within an elegant interior design scheme

Luxury and Elegant Interior Design - Villa M

This home demonstrates how the clean simple lines of contemporary architecture can provide a perfect backdrop in which to display ornate and antique furnishings.  The contrast between the two formal extremes is exciting and stylish.  This elegant interior design scheme uses French style furnishings and decorative features to introduce the fluidity of sinuous lines to the composition.  The modern architecture is based on a powerful yet simple system of straight lines and right angles.  As in a modern art gallery this is visually impressive combination but one that also focuses attention on more complex objects and forms.

Living room interior design and furniture - Luxury French style design

The fusion between antique and modern is consolidated through the use of bold formal elements including bright colors and patterns.  The geometric forms of the house are modified by the use of traditional materials such as white oak wood paneling, terrazzo floors, and limestone in the garden. The owner’s collection of antique French furniture looks luxurious and inviting within the modern setting.  Elaborate chandeliers, Murano glass and fine art paintings harmonize into this classically timeless and tastefully elegant interior design.

Elegant interior design scheme united with garden landscaping

Dining room interior design and furniture - Luxury French style design

Historically, famous French gardens are known for the formality inherent in their landscaping.  Think of the magnificent grounds at Versailles.  This contemporary garden reflects the trend which alternates hard landscaping with luscious planting.  The house architecture is composed around the garden area and central pool. Sliding glass doors unite interior and exterior spaces completely during the summer months.  In the garden the juxtaposition between geometric and organic forms reflects exactly the formal contrasts which enhance this elegant interior design scheme.

Kitchen design

Luxury red kitchen design

Wardrobe design

White minimalistic staircase design

Minimalist Marvel bathroom design

Villa M by Brian Dillard Architecture

Villa M by Brian Dillard Architecture - Landscape

Villa M by Brian Dillard Architecture - Landscape

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